Copaxone - New User - Advice please

Evening everyone,

I have finally been granted DMD’s by my local PCT. I have choosen Copaxone with the help of the Neurologist and have taken my first months delivery. I have the delivery made to my local Lloyds Chemist as I was at work and was quite amazed when two guys asked my if I had parked nearby and did I need any help to carry the deliver until out came to large boxes!

Inside all of that I have one months injections with sharp boxes, bags and travel bags and boxes - very good.

I start my injections on Friday and wondered if anyone could please give me advice and also share their experiences of copaxone.

I have only taken trial drugs before, which were very good at reducing relapses but had quite significant side effects. I developed numous chest infections, skin rashes - bacterial and fungal infections and lastly pneumonia (apologies for the spelling).

I would love to hear from anyone who could share their experience with me. Iwould also like to know if it is possible to take this along with LDN?

Many Thanks


yes helen, you can take ldn when on copaxone. - the reason i chose it!

are you going to do your injections yourself? or have you got a friend or family member to help?

my husband used to help for the first week but that was just because i was being a wimp.

the autoject means that you don’t have to handle the needles.

have you been shown how to do the jabs? my ms nurse showed me. they are not difficult. whenever i feel that i’m about to wimp out i tell myself to breathe (like when in labour) sounds mad but it works for me.

if you have any problems with the needles, try phoning the connections helpline. they are very helpful.

as for injection site reactions - lots of people have them but they aren’t so bad. just take care of your skin, i use double base gel so that it remains supple.

if you have any questions please feel free to pm me

carole (good luck)


I’ve been on Copaxone for a few years now, when I started it I had bad site reactions but I kept up with it and I’m glad I did as it’s keeping my relapses under control far more than Rebif ever did.

My advice to you would be to make sure you keep your skin in good condition by massaging it with a soothing body lotion or oil the day after you inject. This really helps with the lumps and bumps you get, don’t do it too soon after you inject though. Keep one of the little get pads in the freezer and use that if you get a bit of pain/stinging after the injection, it works wonders.

Make sure your injection is body temp before you do it, holding it in your had for 10 mins works but I put min in my bra so I can use my hands.

If (and it’s a big IF) you have trouble with bad site reactions, take a 1 a day antihistamine for a few weeks until your body get used to it.

Good luck, let us know how you get on with it.