Copaxone ahoy!

OMG, OMG, OMG…the copaxone lady phoned yesterday and my stuff is being delivered tuesday morning!

It was alot quicker than i anticipated (lets face it nothing is fast now days) and i am all of a flap! I was so shocked i didn’t really hear the whole conversation…plus i had phoone to my bad ear (shows how stunned i was!) so i not sure what going to happen.

She did say something about having the neuros letter in front of her and that he has asked for a nurse to come to my house to arrange a training day for the injections…now did she mean that the nurse is actually coming with thte injections or she will end up ringing me to book a training day??? I wish i had written it down…flippin brain is literally doing my head in!

To top it all off i have been having some nice down time laterly and i am actually feeling better…resting at home instead of working butt off has improved me a bit ! Althought since yesterday my tremor has ramped up a bit and the buzzing is back! Sure its just excitement or panic that things are really happening now. Well i hope so coz 3 relapses in 18 months is more than i thought i’d have and dont want anymore!

Hope everyone well and any tips/hints at what happens next would be cool. Oh and for WB…you are a star, i love these jokes you keep writing, makes me laugh every morning when i check your threads, it can make a crappy morning sooo much better!! Please keep em coming, its really nice to have a good laugh, dont seem to do it enough since last year!

Hi Deep breaths it will be sooo much easier than you are imagining. I think if she didn’t give you a date or time someone will ring you to arrange a time to come out to your house to give you training. It seems to vary a bit depending on where you live as to who gives training. Sometimes it is ms nurse but in my case it was a nurse who just did copaxone training. They spend as much time as you need going through how to do it and are there to help you do your first one. It sounds scary but it is amazing how quickly it just becomes part of your daily routine…although I have set an alarm to remind me as despite doing it daily I keep forgetting! Lol I have found copaxone easy to use. It did sting for the first few weeks but three months in and the sting is now very minor so things hopefully will improve. I was originally put off copaxone because of possible site reaction problems but so far have found I react better to it than Rebif. Hope all goes well Mish x

Hi just to add to what Mish has said, you will have your copaxone delivered by a delivery company, mine is Shared Solutions, and then your nurse will come out to visit. Try not to worry too much, I have been on copaxone for a year now,and practise makes perfect! I think the best advice I can give is to take a weeks supply out of the fridge at a time. That way, it wont be too cold when you inject, it really hurts when its too cold! Good luck!

Hi welcome you be a copaxone pro before you know it!its really easy to use like mich set an alarm and like the above post I take a few out at a time cause it does really sting otherwise best of luck xx

I doubt you will need a ‘training day’ it takes about 30mins to learn the ropes unless she’s planning to take you through the origins and history of Copaxone