Copaxone, at last

Today I finally had the call to be told my first delivery will be delivered Monday. Phoned my nurse and I’m going to see her in clinic on Wednesday to go through the injection process. This was a decision I made, one step forward and all that, yet I feel really teary. I thought this might happen but I didn’t expect to feel quite so shitty about it all. Now I’m all confused!! Not even really sure what it is I’m asking lol but swear its nothing to do with the baileys n vodka!!!

I think when we start the DMDs journey a big reality hits of what you are about to start doing. Have a good cry always good to let it out. Good luck for next week Barney

It’s another part of the rollercoaster ride. I felt exactly the same when my Rebif parcel arrived several years ago. As Barney says, it’s the reality kick and I was back to anger and tears in equal measure.

Good luck, keep us posted. (And next time you’re having a Baileys and vodka, remember to share :wink: )

Tracey x

hi debs

so you’re going to give ms a good kicking!

give it one for me too.

look at it like a fight and you’ve got new weapons coming soon

carole x

Thank you all for listening! I think it’s the realisation that, yes of course I know that things aren’t right for me, getting medication makes it real!! I’m quite happy feeling like a hypochondriac!! I did think I’d be ok as it’s my choice to take he medication, oh well pretty sure I’ll get used to it in no time. Thank you for your support, hopefully this time next wk ill be feeling better about it. As for the vodka and baileys lol the best I can so is share he drunken thoughts at the wknd!!! Ha ha!! Hanks again Debs xx

Bloody touch screen!! Sorry, didn’t meantime post anon!! Xx