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Has anyone had experience of Intelligent healthcare solutions? I’ve just had a lady leave a message for me to contact her. When I rang back it went to her voicemail which revealed that she works for this company.

I guess that this company will be the one who shows me how to do my first copaxone injection. It’s all been a bit of a muddle really as the drugs were delivered on 23rd July by company called Healthcare at home who seem ok although when I asked agent who was going to visit me he wasn’t sure.

I then received a note on Thursday 26th from a neurology support nurse from my local hospital asking me when my copaxone start date was and how was I getting on with it.

I rang her back and got voicemail so I said I didn’t know what was going on as I hadn’t had anyone contact me as to how the injections are done etc.

Next thing I know is that a message is left on my answerphone saying ring this lady from intelligent healthcare solutions.

Just wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them. You may think I’m a bit daft but I try to do research on anyone or any company who I have anything to do with and I’m slightly worried as the person who owns this also runs a bridal / wedding company and has owned a catering company which was dissolved in 2005. It just doesn’t relate to the health profession much does it!!!

I’ll probably post this in everyday living also.



Me again,

that last bit should have read new and before diagnosis, sorry.


I get Copaxone delivered by Healthcare at Home. When I got my 1st delivery I had to phone the local MS nurse to arrange an appointment to learn how to inject myself. Might be different depending on where you live???


I started copaxone in May but have it delivered by evolution.

I was called by the copaxone nurse and given a number to call when my first delivery came.

The copaxone nurse then came to the house to teach me,my daughter and hubby how to do it.

She still visits once a month to see how its all going.

I know another lady on here started the same week but she had to go to her hospital to be shown how to do it by the ms nurse.

Whatever happens round your way good luck


Healthcare at Home deliver my Copaxone. They delivered the starter pack, and then the “Copaxone nurse” rang to arrange getting me trained and started. Intelligent Healthcare Solutions provide the “Connections helpline” for Copaxone. They can arrange little things like new injection diaries, but if you have a technical question they have refer the inquiry to the first available/nearest Copaxone nurse, who may also work for IHS. The helpline number is 0800 085 1676 (just in case it is different to the one left for you). All I can say about them, is that when they have promised a call back, they have called back.