Healthcare at Home - yuck

If anyone else is still having problems with what used to be a great service (see my post “Farewell Copaxone”) then perhaps a trip to the NHS website might be of some interest.

Go to and scroll down to “pharmacies”
Scroll down to Healthcare at Home and click on it.
They are getting bad reviews added at the rate of about 10 per day.
They get an average rating of one star out of five - and some people think that is too high.
Reading their replies could be quite funny - if only it was not serious.
If you have had a problem, why don’t you leave a review as well.


I’ve had Healthcare At Home for the last 3 years. The only problem I have is when the hospital forgets to send them my prescription. Cue me phoning the hospital and HCAT passing info from one to the other, then all is well. I think that’s happened 4 times in 3 years.times like that are a pain as I have to go to the hospital to get medication directly, which staff in the dept don’t like…tough. X

HCAT used to be brill. Have posted on here recently about all the trouble I had to get my last delivery. I ran out of Copaxone which as you know is a daily jab so …not great. Could have kissed the driver when he turned up on the 4th delivery attempt at 8pm . Hubby gets an arthrtitis drug in the same drop & just the same probs for him.This week, mine arrived but his didn’t. hoping his will turn up tomorrow now as newly promised… I don’t blame the drivers. All the original ones in my area have left & the process has been outsourced. So even if the eta on the website says its coming & they tell you it is, the pharmacy may not have even issued the drug or even sent it to the wrong depot. There are a few folk there who have been brill in helping & kicking ass but its awful that we have to go through this stress.The communication between the pharmacy & the delivery cmpnay is non existent. I’ve spent endless hours on the phone to them to complain. I could go on…

Having terrible problems getting through this week, still haven’t managed it! I was holding on for one hour fifteen minutes today alone. Left message on answer phone at the beginning of the week…no response. Tried to leave a message today and told mailbox full…just dreadful! I need to arrange a delivery of copaxone for next week but just can’t get hold of anyone. Have now sent an email so fingers crossed that gets a response. Will definitely check out NHS website thank you. Hope everyone else is having better luck. Mish x

I have had trouble before Xmas with them and this week couldn’t get through on the phone. Kept trying at different times of day-very stressful. Eventually someone actually called me this afternoon to arrange my next delivery. Just hope it turns up.


I have had a different experience, ok I had a couple of issues before Christmas but they were quickly rectified. They phone me in advance and give me my date. Ok the timing might not be exact but they are delivered on the day they say. I can totally understand your frustration but thought I would post to say they can get it right. Barney

Im with barney_owl, i had a little issue with them before christmas but once that was sorted out they have been brilliant ever since, I feel for the people that have had a bad time with them but i think there is a small amount of people that must find it good.

They are absolutely useless and frankly the lady I spoke to this morning needed a slap! Her attitude was disgusting. Cnt wait to change meds…hopefully to gilyena very soon. Mind u how does those get delivered,pls no more useless companies!

I have also found them good in the past. However, as I am discovering, this is only good luck rather than good service! As I write this I am on hold again. I have forgotten how many times I have rung them now but my phone battery keeps dying out after over an hour plus on hold. I must have clocked up at least seven hours on hold trying to get through this week to just book a delivery! Still awaiting a response from message left and two emails sent! This company are responsible for other meds too, I think. Maybe it’s the NHS way of cutting costs…just don’t supply the meds! Grrr as you may tell getting a wee bit frustrated now!

I have missed an injection due to health care at home not organising delivery. I tried calling them on numerous occasions but couldn’t get through. Ridiculous!



I e-mailed them this afternoon to advise that I was “off” Copaxone, and would they please arrange to collect two sharps bins (normal and travel). The message went to hahenquiries@hah. … … I assumed that it would be in their message queue ready for Monday morning. I gave the medication (Copaxone), and Client reference, asked for.

Imagine my surprise when I had a reply almost by return.
Imagine my further surprise when I saw where the reply had come from:
RheumatologyOsteoporosisCustomerServices@hah … …

Presumably, all out-of-hours e-mail gets routed to this one section to get the out-of-hours reply:
“We will endeavour to respond to your email within 48 working hours”
which probably means that the staff in that one section have to sort through all the e-mails, and redirect them, instead of dealing with their own clients.

Sort-of tells you all you need to know, does it not?


Geoff I sent an email to HAH on 10 May about a missed delivery. I got the out of office message courtesy of Microsoft outlook automated messaging. I still await a reply. It will be stuck in their inbox with 100s of other emails. Regards Neil

I’ve been trying to get HAH to collect sharps bin and Rebismart for 7 weeks as now on gilenya. They organised a collection date twice and guess what…never turned up.

I’m going to see if my hospital wants the rebismart as a training aid.

An update to the rescheduled Friday delivery which was due between 1pm & 3pm.It actually arrived at 6.30pm.

.In the mneatime I had also tweeted & this method seems to generate a response. Tweeted after the previous missed delivery too and got a swift reply from a guy who discovered hubbys’s drugs hadnt been processsed so of course they wernt going to come.

Emailing is a waste of time - I got a reply the first time my copax ddnt arrive but when the replacement dates also were a no show they stopped replying to me & I dont have time at work to be able to hang on the phone for over an hour.

Its a shambles.


After the e-mail (above) to say that I was no longer on Copaxone, they have just called to “arrange my next delivery”.

The lady on the other end of the phone was a touch taken aback to be told that I was no longer “on” Copaxone, I tackled her about the sharps bin collection and got a “someone will call you back” reply.

The can blame their logistics company as much as they like - but since the logistics company is the biggest specialist logistics firm in Europe, that excuse is getting a bit tired.


My Rebif used to be delivered by BUPA but I took all my Rebif kit (Rebismart, sharps bin etc) to the hospital and they said they would deal with it for me. It didn’t seem worth calling out BUPA just for a collection when they only come out this way once a month. I hope you’re doing well on Gilenya, I’ve been on it since November and feel very well right now (apart from heat rash which isn’t connected).

Tracey x