Healthcare at home woes..........

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Hope you are all fine and dandy.

I have recently been moved form receiving my medication delivery from Alcura to Healthcare at home. The first I knew I was moving over was when Alcura phoned me to say that my prescription has been refused and I need to contact HaH (Healthcare at home) to see if they would provide a prescription and delivery…charming.

After finally speaking to HaH I have been told that they are unable to deliver my medication to my local pharmacy (like Alcura have always done for the last two years) for some reason. I used to get my meds delivered to the pharmacy as I am out at work during the day and have noone else to take the delivery. The chemist would take the delivery and hold it until I was able to collect.

Do any others get there meds delivered form HaH to their local chemist? I seem a little shocked that they can’t deliver to a local chemist like Alcura were able to.

I have discovered that my hospital have ditched Alcura for some reason and this is why i now need to endure the delights of HaH


We have had HaH deliver Neorecorman (may have mis-spelt to the home - it does have to be in a fridge.

It’s tablets which I have delivered. If it was injectables then I could understand the reason for them not being able to deliver them to a pharmacy

Go back about 3-4 years and there was a lot of fuss about HaH and failed deliveries. Certainly they were responsible for me coming off Copaxone three months earlier than planned. The hospital I was under dropped them as a supplier - and may have been forced to re-engage them. Search this forum and see what you find - but in any event, contact your MS Nurse. Geoff

Two things you can try is to ask them for a delivery to you at work AND go to the HaH page on NHS Choices and leave a bad review (you will not be alone, here): Geoff

My meds are now being delivered by HaH (Tecfidera) and they arrange to deliver them in the evenings when i’m home from work - between 6pm and 8pm. Only had about 3 or 4 deliveries but it’s working well so far.

The previous supplies (Copaxone) were being delivered by Evolution Homecare and they couldn’t deliver in the evenings so I had to pick them up from a local Pharmacy.

  • I have been with Lloyds chemist up here in Scotland .no problems at all with my injections.used to be b u p a before .in fAct they will even supply a fridge for you if you don’t have one.they also supply an outside lock box if you are unable to be to receive it .they phone me every month to check my supply and to say what date it will be coming .oh!and do I need wipes and bin for my I pampered or what.they even come 40 miles away to deliver to me…