So peed off with Healthcare at Home

They’ve messed up my fampyra delivery AGAIN and I am going to miss at least two doses. The last time was when they had the ‘technical issues’, I couldn’t get through by phone and emailed them twice - I never received a reply. I did eventually sort it then, but now I am expecting this month’s delivery today (I arranged it a week ago, was on holiday so couldn’t be in to receive it earlier hence being so low on tablets) and it hasn’t arrived. The online tracker doesn’t work when I enter my details.

So I rang the number on my paperwork, and was on hold for 17 minutes before suddenly getting a recorded message at 6pm (home time?) asking me to leave a message which I did, but I have no faith in them replying so I found another number and rang that. The woman who answered said the online checker isn’t working, and that the delivery drivers had gone home for the day but she would arrange for someone to call me in the morning. She was about to hang up when I asked her if she needed my phone number. She hadn’t asked for my name or anything so I don’t know how I was going to get a call back unless their phones automatically tell them which customer is calling?

The thing is, when I miss a dose of fampyra my symptoms become much worse (worse than before I started taking it) and I never recover completely. I am still not right after missing the doses last month. I am so angry. I have a bloody UTI and now I am going to feel terrible when I miss the dose tonight.

Has anyone complained about HAH or managed to get fampya without going through them?

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Go to BUPA Homecare - they are four or five pounds more expensive per delivery but, in my experience, they are completely reliable and hassle-free. I have complained about the treatment I received from HAH and received an apology and flowers(!). I would have preferred decent service and I would never have anything to do with them again (apart from an occasional disparaging post on here obviously).

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HaH have had a “bad press” here, and in other places for some time. To get Fampyra, the best company is probably BUPA, and this will have to be sorted between them and whoever writes out the script. Just remember, that you are the customer, and the final say is always yours.

If an MS Nurse is involved, that should be the first person you tell. Experience says that a lot of MS nurses are building up a dossier on HaH. Some trusts have already stopped new orders going to them, and the NHS are reputed to be looking at all home delivery companies, and deciding who they will use in future.

You can leave a bad review in the NHS Services website:
I already have. At that time, new bad reviews were going on at about 10 a day. The rate has slowed a bit, but there are still several a day.

You can read some of the threads here on:
You will see that someone else was/is having trouble getting a sharps bin collected - I am still waiting for them to contact me. I did wonder if the BBC Watchdog team would be interested.

I see that you responded to Stewarts thread:
I mailed Fiona and have not had any response.


Having written the post above, I thought it was about time I rattled the HaHcage again …

So i emailed them.
I quoted the previous email (two weeks ago). That had quoted the email of two weeks earlier! And all I want is two sharps bins collected. Nothing difficult.

Wow, the phone rang …
“It’s the delivery company for Healthcare. We have just got your e-mail. We can collect from Tuesday next week, onward. We did phone on the 11th, but all we got was an answerphone”

OK, so a date is set for collection next Tuesday. But you can learn more from this. They did not want to say who they actually are (like I don’t know it’s Movianto). They do not want to leave a phone number so they can be called back. Maybe thay did ring on the 11th - but the way we manage incoming calls would indicate that this did not happen unless they called from an overseas call centre. They obviously do not want bad publicity, or irate customers calling them direct.

My emailt to HaH went at 12 noon.
The call from “the delivery company” came at 13.22 and “the caller with-held their number”

Draw your own conclusions …


Thanks for the replies and the bumps! They delivered my fampyra today as an emergency. The people on the phones are always really nice and helpful - I think it’s just their computer systems letting them down (well, letting their customers down!).

I left a negative review on the nhs page and they have replied with an apology.

Re-read the above thread, and my post about getting a sharps bin collected.

Collection was arranged for this afternoon. Did anyone turn up? (Answers on the back of a postage stamp, please.)
I have mailed them again asking for a date to be advised me by email - I doubt if they will, because that would not look good in the audit trail, but I may get a surprise.