DMD Delivery

HI all

I wonder if anyone might have the solution to this problem.

I get Extavia delivered every 4 weeks from BUPA, but as I work part time, its difficult to always be in for the delivery. BUPA suggested they could deliver to a neighbour or a local pharmacy/workplace. I dont have a neighbour I feel I can ask to wait in all day for a delivery, I work at a large hospital so deliveries there are difficult, and my pharmacy says they can’t accept delivery as “that would be double dispensing”.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance

reception/main desk at work? Your GP? xxx

Perhaps your local GP surgery might accept delivery for you? you can also arrange with Bupa Home Delivery service to leave meds in an outbuilding such as a summer house or garden shed if you think it’s safe enough. Roger

Thanks for your replies.

I work in a busy hospital so I would be concerned the drugs would go missing (its difficult enough getting a stationery delivery!!), the GPs have already said no, and I dont have any kind of outbuilding. My husband suggested asking another (less local) pharmacy, so I am going to ask them today. They have a bit of a reputation for being more helpful so fingers crossed!

Thanks agaon for you replies :slight_smile:

Thats a good suggestion Val, thanks. BUPA told me to phone my MS nurse to discuss this, so I am waiting for a call back. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve always found that if I had not been in, they just came back later on, on one occasion whenthey missed me they just posted it to me. Cheryl:)


Can they ring your 15 mins before they arrive so that ou can meet at a designted point ?


Cheryl - Oh, I thought if I missed them, they would have to start all over again with the delivery, and they are only in my area on a Tuesday (when I work). Kind of dont want to make the driver’s job more awkward though IYKWIM?

Your idea might work Neil - I’ll bear that in mind :slight_smile:

Waiting to hear back from the MS nurses (I left a message saying it wasnt urgent) to see if I can get a 3 months’ supply each time. Also didnt manage to get to the “other” pharmacy, so will try again tomorrow.

On the plus point, my mum was able to come over today and take the delivery, and for that I am very grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your replies x

Hi again, after a few deliveries they get to know when you are in, the last company that delivered used to come about 6.30 in the morning before I left for work. Then if he didn’t manage he would come back when he knew I was in. This is a newer company that we get nowadays and they post it if I am out, but I told them my mum and dads address and if I am not in they just go there (only 5 mins away from me) which is fine cos my dad works from home so is in. You said your mum came round today, could you just get them to deliver to your mums address? Don’t worry, you are not back to square 1 as they try really hard to deliver. However, do make sure you have some spare just in case, tell them you don’t have too much spare and they will deliver in 3 weeks or 2 and then you will have lots to spare. Cheryl:)

Thanks Cheryl! I suppose at the moment they wont realise what a PITA it is, because I call them the day before and find out the delivery time, and then arrange for mum/a friend/husband to be here to receive the delivery.

My mum lives about 20 mins away, so its not like she’s just round the corner, and she’s always so supportive when I really need it, so I dont like to take the mick.

BUPA have been really helpful and I cant fault them at all; its just the mucking about every month that doing my head in!

We’ll get there! x

Great Update: MS nurse has organised for me to get two months supply at a time, and the less local pharmacy have agreed to take delivery for me. Delighted!!

Thanks for all the help x

I know you’re sorted but in case you need another idea in the future BUPA leave mine in the garage. They have a key and always lock it up behind them, saves me having to worry about anyone being in.