rebif out of stock :-0

Hi all, 20 weeks since dx tomorrow, how time flies! Well my rebif was due for delivery tomorrow… However they just rang to say it’s out of stock!!! How bloody ridiculous, feels like I’m back in limbo. One step forward, one step back. Grrrr. Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah,

I’ve been on rebif 7 years and it’s never been out of stock for me! and i’ve never had a missed or late delivery either!

I find this so hard to believe. Do you think they have made a mistake with your prescription and are telling you porkies? Has the funding not been sorted? Theres been a cock-up somewhere!!

My rebif is delivered by bupa. Can you make a complaint? does your ms nurse know about this? Give her a call - she has the contacts to find out whats really going on.

How frustrating for you ((hugs))

By the way - i had a delivery this morning!


ooops! I’ve never had a filtered word before! LOL!

Rebif also have a support line called ‘mysupport’ which is helpful if you are still having problems. Haven’t got the number handy but can find it out if you need it. Just send me a pm.


I can’t believe it’s a long term problem. Why not call them back and get a new delivery date? It would be worth calling your MS nurse too - to let them know what’s going on. Good luck! Karen x

Good morning, it’s frustrating. My delivery company was healthcare @ home. Ms nurse is on holiday until 2nd week of September and so is her secretary. I tried calling mysupport yesterday and they’re computers/ phones are down. They’ve taken my number and gave said they’d call me back today. Ms nurse rang last Friday to say funding had been sorted so that should be ok. I’m relieved that you’ve had no problems, I don’t mind starting later but would hate to start, miss a delivery, run out and relapse. Sxxx

Morning Sarah,

The series of events that have happened sound like a total ‘one off’ and hopefully will never be repeated again!

My delivery company started as ‘clinovia’ then was taken over by ‘bupa’ and i find them great. Even when it was deep snow a couple of years ago the driver had to park streets away and walk my delivery to me so i didn’t have a break in my treatment! bless him!

Teresa. x

Where abouts are you in the country? I am a carer but we have some Rebif in reserve. Not a good idea to run out if it is working for you. If you cannot get any then we have some we can spare at the moment. Best if you are local though. We are in Essex and it needs to be kept Refigerated as you know.