First Rebif injection done!

Hi all Got back from our summer holiday on Saturday afternoon and this evening I’ve taken my first Rebif injection! I decided not to take any paracetamol or ibuprofen at this stage as I want to see the ‘real’ side effects first. I hope I won’t regret it!!! Can I just ask how soon after the injection any side effects are likely to start? If I’m ok in the morning, should that be seen as a good sign? Also, I had quite a bit of liquid on the injection site after finishing…is this likely to mean I need to change the settings on the rebismart? Thanks all Emma x

Well done. Sorry can’t help with rebif as on Copaxone but wanted to say well done for your first injection.

Hi Emma, First of all well done! I took 40 minutes on my first jab! I am a needle phobe but have got much better. I am on my 4th month of 22mcg and not 1 side effect just big red circles at the start but don’t even get them now. I have my rebismart on fast for needle spped (once it’s in I am fine so the faster the better lol) and the rebif dpeed as medium on 10 seconds. Only ever had a little drop a couple of times at jab site. Hope this helps xx Dawn

Well done on your first jab. I’m about two months inyo mine now and still no side effects other than red and slightly tender marks which are annoying but if this is the only side effect I can cope. From my first jab I only got a lil nausea and that was a couple of hours after and went quite quickly. I’m getting bad headaches at the moment but really don’t think its connected to the rebif as its only been recent weeks and they are often there before my jab anyway. All in all its been fine. Only lil problem I have at the moment is I keep drawing blood. Not sure why? X

Well done Emma

I’ve been on Rebif for 4 years now (not sure where the time has gone). The first injection was definitely the hardest to do and every one after that was progressively easier.

I hope it works as well for you as it has for me

Tracey x

Hi Emma

As others have said very well done - the first one is done and it probably wasn’t as traumatic as you thought it may have been. It took me nigh on 18 minutes to push the button the first time I did the injection on my own - like others I had a real fear of needles but as you can’t see them and the Rebismart looks nothing like a needle then it was fine. I didn’t have any symptoms except, like Lisa and Dawn, I get the red marks post injection but I’d rather have these than the horrid flu like symptoms!!

I’ve been on Rebif since 16th April 2013 and thought I would have thrown it away within a week but I stuck by it and now it’s just another thing I need to do at 6pm 3 times a week!!!

I always use a cold pack on the injection site before injecting though - thankfully I feel nothing so that makes it a lot easier for me to do - just a tip that works for me!! I also take 2 x co-dydramol before as I really don’t want to experience any side effects (if I was to get any!!!).

Anyway, it will soon become second nature after the first week or so and you’ll look back and think - why was I scared (well I did anyway hahaha)

Take care

Pen xx

Thanks everyone for your messages! Second injection is due in about 20 minutes! Luckily I’m not a needle phobic and I only hesitated for about 5 seconds! Hubby was next to me (helpfully!) telling me how he didn’t know how I could do it lol!!! He was practically hyperventilating! I woke up in the night after the injection with the shivers, although hubby said I was boiling hot. Felt a big achey on Tuesday but otherwise OK. No painkillers needed, so I’ll see how this one goes. I’m only on 22 at the moment and should go to 44 in a couple of months. Thanks again for the support! X

So nice to hear these positive posts. I’ve my appointment soon for DMDs and I’m dreading the thought of injections and also have a funny notion I just don’t want it in the house for my kids to see:( protective mother! Also was thinking of just getting it done at GPs but I know that would be less practical!

Sque…the good thing about Rebif is even if the kids did see it, they wouldn’t have a clue what it is! The rebismart machine completely hides what it really is - you can’t see the needle at all, or the cartridge of Rebif. My boys haven’t even noticed, plus I do the injection after they go to bed so I can sleep through any side effects. I haven’t even felt the injection itself so far, so you’ll be fine! Good luck!

So glad it is going well Emma. I’m due to start rebif with the rebismart in a few weeks. At the minute I think I’m in denial!

Hi Sunflower

I was in denial until Rebif delivery day and then the reality hit. Until that day I was still living in hope that the neuro would phone and say he had made a mistake and it wasn’t MS. However after a couple of weeks or so injecting, particuarly as I had no side effects so I felt a bit better (although still in denial).

Just a question to everyone while on the subject of denial - when does acceptance of our lovely disease actually happen? I’ve had my dx for a year and still think it’s happening to someone else?

Take care

Pen xx

Pen…your guess is as good as mine! I’ve had my dx 16 months, suspicions for two years, and I’m still in denial! I just decided that I’ll deal with things IF and WHEN they happen - no point in worrying about things that might never happen! MS is so variable I could be fine for many many years or could go downhill immediately. Who knows?!

Back again! Well I’m pleased to report that, apart from my first injection causing the shivers/fever-like side effects, I’m doing ok. Second injection went fine and I had no symptoms at all. I just have two small red areas where I injected, which, due to my holiday tan, are barely noticeable (I may decide to avoid my arms when I’m not tanned!). I’ve just been through to the support line to get the comfort settings adjusted on the rebismart to hopefully stop the ‘wet’ injections, so we’ll see how tonights goes. Hope everyone’s ok X

Hi Emma Glad its going well. May I ask what did they recommend on the comfort settings? Think I’m going to ring them today as I seem to be drawing blood quite often so would be interested to know what they advised you xxxx z

Mine has now been adjusted to needle speed - fast and injection speed - slow (they were both medium before). Seems a bit better, but still not perfect! Definitely worth phoning them x

Off for first rebif today! Great to read all your positive experiences before starting. Can I ask how long you all took 22mcg before moving to 44? Thanks Bea

I took 22 for 8 weeks and have been on 44 for a week and a half now. It should have been 4 weeks, but they delivered an extra box of 22 and we didn’t want to waste it! Good luck today x