Travelling with Rebif

Hi we are travelling to Greece this weekend and I was wondering what you all use to keep your rebif cool when travelling?

Hi, you should have received a cool bag and ice blocks for travelling when you got your Rebif. This will keep the Rebif cool for up to ten hours apparently. There is also information in the Rebif support pack about travelling with your medication. If you don’t have this, the Rebif support line can send it to you.

Great thanks, do you travel with your rebif in hand luggage? I was told by rebif nurse that you should but just looked at airline info and as long a not essential for on the flight (which it’s not) then they can store it in a special area of the hold. What do you all do? I’m new to this and just want the least fuss at the airport, especially in front of my young daughter!

It has to go in hand luggage only as they can’t guarantee that the hold won’t be too cold, even in a special area of it. In the Rebif support pack there is also a Rebif ‘passport’ which can be signed by a medical professional to say that you have to carry the medication, needles and travel sharps bin. There is also a bit in there for the airline people to sign. Your medication can also only go through an X-ray machine suitable for scanning film so it can’t cause any problems. I hope this helps and I hope you have a lovely time in Greece. Louise