Flying with beta-interferon


I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble getting on a plane with injections (Avonex)? I have a Letter from my Neurologist.

Does anyone have advice?

Tom x


i have never taken injections on plane but have taken other meds with no problem.covering letter should be enough…


Hi Tom I have travelled many times with rebif as rebismart including little needles and ice packs. I have a letter from my GP detailing all of this and all my other meds. Also says I have Coloplast catheters with a small amount of fluid. I tend not to tell security before passing my bag through. As I like to pass through unnoticed and to test whether the ice packs will be spotted. Naughty but it amuses me - little things!!! I have never been questioned or “pulled” for injection stuff. I guess there must be lots more diabetics who fly with needles and stuff. The one thing security get most anxious about is my bottle of gaviscon for heartburn - also on doctors letter so no problem. In hot countries I have also had no problems requesting hotels keep rebif in their fridges. Happy travelling Min xx

I’ve flown with my syringes loads of times and they have never even noticed or questioned them! I’ve been all ready with my letter and explanations but nope, nothing!

Thank! Im sure it will be fine. Was having a moment… uno what its like

Yeah me too. Flown several times with Rebif gear and they’ve always just waved me through.