Taking injections on aeroplanes

What do people do when they have to take their injections on an aeroplane? I thought i did the right thing by asking for a letter from my doctor but have been charged £10.00 for this. Is this normal? Should they just go in my luggage in the hold? - was worried if case was lost/stolen etc i would be without them.

many thanks


You keep them in your hand luggage and show the letter to security. They should not go in the hold as there is the danger that they will freeze at high altitude and will become unsafe to use. If in doubt contact your provider for more information.

Tracey x

Hi, just back from Italy and Bupa gave us a letter free along with a travel sharps box and cool bag. Stopped at Edinburgh and had to open the bag to show what was in there and show the letter, waved through in Italy. Linda x

I asked my MS nurse who just did me a standard letter, do not let them go in the hold keep them with you, they are so used to seeing medication go through that they don’t really give it a second look!

I’ve never been abroad with medication so can’t advise on that one although think my book says theu must be taken as hand luggage. However on the matter of the Dr charging for a letter this is quite normal I think.i got charged for one last year to do with something else but bit was only a small letter however standard procedure seems to be they do charge for this. Xxx

I’ve always had my letter done via my MS nurse and never been charged for it. Keep the meds with you - never put them in the hold. I was really worried about travelling with them and didn’t do so for about three years but then took the plunge and wondered what I was worried about! Sometimes they ask you to open up the bag (particularly because they want to look at the gel/ice packs) but I’ve never had any problems. Just make sure you have all the documentation you need - I carry one of the patient information leaflets with the meds too, and obviously always keep the injections unopened in their original packaging.

Also, don’t let anyone try to tell you that your medicine bag is part of the inclusive hand baggage allowance. A medicine bag should be allowed as an “extra” piece as it needs to be carried separately and insulated. It means sometimes you can get dirty looks from other passengers when they realise you are taking up more space in the overhead lockers because you have an extra bag (my Copaxone carrier is the size of a small rucksack) but I’ve just learnt to ignore them and savour the fact that I have somewhere that I can also keep my drink and sandwiches cool. Lol :wink:

I am going abroad in December and the thought of carrying my injections occurred to me this morning. I just need some advice, as well as the gel packs am i allowed to take ice paks with me also? Is this seen as taking liquid onto the aircraft?



My letter was provided by BUPA and I wasn’t charged. They were very prompt too.

Will Self,author,TV personality etc once injected Heroin on the same plane as Margaret Thatcher,but this isn’t what you were asking was it?

Seriously though, perhaps you could get something in writing from the carrier to show their staff at check in and on the plane what you are planning to do.


many thanks for all your responses. i havn’t visited this site for a while and am glad i did last night. Note to self… use this site more. all the best to you all Jo xxx

Is that Will Self?