LDN / Hand luggage

Hi folks - I’m heading to Greece from Saturday to next Thursday and was wondering about my LDN in hand luggage - I have a letter for my copaxone injections…any advice folks, or will I just take a break for a few days…

how did you get your LDN was it from a doctor/NHS

I have it prescribed so have a script which i take with me have had no problems

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Thanks Trish - yep will take the script - great idea btw

I can’t help with the question Redman. Just wanted to say, have a great holiday!!


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also make sure the script matches name on passport, heathrow has started doing this have a good holiday


I travelled all over Europe last year and it was not a problem for me. I didn’t take any doctor’s note I just told the checkpoint that I had injectables due to my MS. I did not have problems in England, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Scotland. I think they are used to that.


Thanks guys - much appreciated…looking forward to it - we are visiting our son out in Greece - he is teaching English out there…never been to Greece before…

Have a safe flight Redman. Always keep your medicine prescriptions with you. Luggage or baggage fees are among the many things that an increasing number of air passengers are not satisfied with. Learn more travelling tips at

Thanks Haley - had no issues at all with my medication on the trip - didn’t need to show letters or anything - all just went through ok… Enjoyed my trip, even though weather wasn’t great…

great , and if you are prepared takes the stress out of it, I have taken to the USA and South Africa ad the only issue was with heathrow.

Trish - Stanstead was a bit of a nightmare - long queues at security and very slow…

You’re welcome Redman. I’m so glad you’ve got to enjoy your trip to Greece. Stay safe and healthy.

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