Hi everyone, I hope you are well?

My partner and I recently made the decision to go to New York on holiday - we both turn 30 soon so this is our treat to ourselves.

My question relates to medication. Has anyone had any issues with medication going through the airport or in your suitcase? I really can’t be without it and if was taken from me, I am not sure what I would do.

Do you have to declare it?

Thanks for your help as always guys!


Hi I haven’t had any problems, I carry my meds with me in case my luggage goes missing. If you are concerned contact the airline you are traveling with they will advise.

Happy holidays


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website offers advice on what medicines you can or can’t take into each country. The USA is unlikely to have rules very different to ours, but it’s worth checking.

Consider asking your GP for a letter explaining what you’re carrying and why, and/or ask for a copy of your prescription. Then if security start asking questions, a doctor’s letter or prescription should help answer them. Definitely carry medication in your hand luggage in the original packaging as far as possible.

It’s unlikely security will be interested but better to be prepared than not. I’m a great believer in prepare for the worst and it won’t happen - so if you have a letter/prescription to explain what you’re carrying and why, you won’t need it!

Hi, I didnt have any problems when I used to travel. I did always carry meds in my hand luggage along with my repeat prescription form.

I also used to have a letter from my GP if I carried Sativex.

Have a great trip.

Nina x