Tecfidera and travel

hello you lovely lot, just a quick question.

I have just started Trcfidera and am travelling next week to Russia. After going through the starting side effects, I don’t want any trouble with having these on me - am I likely to get stopped at the airport? Do I need a letter from my Doc?

no one seems to know!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

what a good question! i am looking to cross an international border soon and this thought never occurred to me.

i would presume that if the packaging has the usual pharmacist / prescription stickers upon it, then all things should be good.

presumably border agencies have access to confirm the authenticity of pharmacists and the drugs they peddle?

i am interested to see other replies to this thread! i guess i should also look into health insurance; i would hate to suffer a relapse whilst away from home.


I just got back from Greece. I just took it in my hand luggage together with a letter I already had, mentioning I was being put on Tecfidera just in case of questions, but had no trouble going through customs. When I was on Rebif I got my ms nurse to write a special letter for travel because it was liquid and needles but as Tecfidera is a tablet I just took a general letter my consultant hadcopied to me about starting Tecfiderea. I did same for all my others meds too. I don’t know if that was correct but I had no problems travelling. Hope that helps a bit. :slight_smile:

mish x

Thanks for the info.i have used 1stop travel insurance as they allowed me to disclose I have MS but only charged me £15 extra for the year. I’m quite new to MS and it’s not too bad at the moment!

I think I will just take one of my letters with me!