flying with dmds

right so i fly off to spain tomorrow, phoned the airline company, asked them about the drugs i may be bringing. they say i will need the perscription for it (copaxone)… i dont have a perscription, it just gets sent out every so often. thoughts?

You don’t need the prescription. You should be able get a letter or a card from your doctor saying you need your medication. Mind you in the 9 years I have been taking copaxone I have never been asked to show anything at an airport. I have my injections in a small zip bag, goes in hand luggage and when going through security I usually mention I have a bag of medication. Nobody has questioned me further.

The company that send you your dmd can send you a customs letter I have requested mine ready for august as apparently HCH are slow at these things…

My MS nurse sends me a letter saying what meds I have,why I need them and that they need to be in my hand luggage. If you can’t get hold of your nurse your GP will be able to do it but may charge you. I also take the front cover of the copaxone box which has my name printed on it and the date it was delivered as extra back up. However I have never been asked to show any of this. At the desk I tell the check in staff I have medical syringes-they say fine no problem. At the X Ray I mention it again, again there has never been a problem.


ok cheers for the info, think it should be fine then