Flying with Copaxone

Hi everyone

Heading to the South of France at the end of June - approx 2 hour flight. Just wondering if I could get away with sticking my Copaxone in the hold luggage rather than take it on board and through security. I know the hold is colder but what if I wrapped it up well? Any ideas?

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I would prefer it in my hand luggage. U can get a letter from GP comfirming that u are travelling with essential medication. Hold luggage is easier to go astray!

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Ellie x


i think its supposed to be in the hand luggage because the hold is too cold. check it up with the connections helpline.

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carole xx


You can just ask hospital or GP to give you a letter to be able to take it on board, queens square in london offer this service. On board ask the attendents to place it in the fridge, I’m sure they won’t mind.

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Do read the Copaxone instructions carefully.

Keep in the fridge at above 2 degrees. (I aim to keep my fridge at between 4 and 6 degrees)

If brought up to room temperature, do not re-refridgerate! Now use within 28 days.

To me, that says “Hand Baggage” - and keep it there!

There is a lot more detail on the leaflet, but that seems to be the critical stuff.


Apparently the hold is not too cold at all (so an airline staff member sneered at me once anyway!). The reason it’s best in hand luggage is because hold luggage gets lost sometimes. Better to avoid the risk of your Copaxone ending up in South America or something!

Just get a letter to confirm it’s legit (although I have never been asked for this sort of thing despite dozens of flights) and you’ll have no problems.

Karen x