Transporting Copaxone on holiday


I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks and I wondered if anyone has any ideas how I can transport my Copaxone syringes at the right temperature? The plane staff can help me refridgerate it at the airport and on the plane, but the transfer from the airport in Turkey to the hotel is about an hour long in temperatures around 40 degrees! I'd rather not miss a fortnight of daily jabs!

Has anyone had a similar dilemma?

Suzi xx

Have a look at FRIO. Their bags keep the contents at room temperature at really high external temperatures for ages (days!). It might be expensive mind you as you'll need at least two if not three bags for 14+spares syringes.

An alternative that I've used before is flasks. I put some ice cubes in the flask with about a week's worth of needles in a sealable freezer bag. (No. of weeks = no. of flasks required, depending on the size of the flask.) That keeps them at fridge temperature for up to 18 hours (I tested it!). Airport security do not like ice so you have to get it once you're in the departure lounge, but other than that, it's pretty straightforward. Not cheap either mind you, if you have to buy the flasks!

Remember that you don't need to bother keeping them cool apart from when the temperature is over 25 degrees so there's no need to chill them when you're at the airport or on the plane - Copaxone is fine at room temperature for up to 30 days.

Don't rely on using the plane's fridge / freezer - I've always been refused when I've asked :-(

Enjoy your holiday!

Karen x

I travelled to greece three years running - similar temps.  FIrst year with COpaxone and then with Rebif.  I used the padded insulated bag that came with the drug, put a freezer pack in wrapped in a tea towel to keep the contents of the bag cool and went for it - they were nice and cool when we got to our hotel something likeseven plus hours later including the last two hours plus in a Greek taxi with no aircon.  The airline did not refrigerate them either so all dependeed on the ice pack in the bag - there was honestly no problem. Remember Copaxone can survive at room temperature - though this is hotter, the insulated bag and ice pack can cope fine.  DOn't worry and enjoy your holiday!

Thanks so much. I've lost my ice pack, so will need to get another, but that's not too much of a problem. There's a fridge where I'm staying, so I assume I can put them in there when we arrive, even if they've been out all day? Only been on Copaxone a year, so this is the first time I've needed to consider it! Would rather try than go without for a fortnight though :)

Thanks again,

Suzi x