taking copaxone abroad

Just wondered if anyone could advise, I know u can take copaxone out the fridge for 7 days so thought id be ok just taking out of fridge and using as normal but now im wondering as im going somewhere hot, so it may overheat. Should I try and chill it on the flight and then put in fridge when I get there…and if so I have to put in my hand luggage and ice pack are big so how does that work. Thanks zoe

Wouldn’t worry for the flight as it will be in your hand baggage and you won’t need a cool pack for the plane. If worried at your destination ask the hotel/owner of accommodation if there is the possibility of having a coolbox or small fridge put in your room or if there is somewhere you can store your labelled container. If you air co in your room ,then, again it is not a problem. I have found in the past that hotels and owners have been really helpful at finding a solution. Perhaps if you have time, contact them in advance and then they have time to sort something out for you. Good luck

Thanks, ms nurse said put in chill bag and then into fridge or in a dark cool place but called copaxone who advised either to get a icool bag £50.00 which keeps fridge temp. So still confused. Going on saturday so running out of time…I think ill just chill on flight and then keep air con on. Xx

I have been told that you can now keep copaxone out of the fridge for a month but once taken out it cannot be re fridgerated. I have been on holiday many times and used copaxone successfully. Just returned from egypt for 2 weeks where the temperature reached 48 degrees. Copaxone kept in room with air con and ok but will not be returning to egypt - way tooooo hot. Have a great holiday.

Gina xxx

I travelled to Cyprus and Lanzarote with Copaxone. Just took it in hand luggage and kept it in the bedroom in a cool place. Even at home I take a fortnights worth of syringes out of fridge and store in a cool place before I use them.

Enjoy your holiday