Copaxone users - Travel case

For those of you who use Copaxone and travel with it, I just found out that the small travel case issued to me with my original pack (2 years ago) is not actually insulated. You may want to check yours with your provider. Only found this out as I queried if it would withstand the heat in the Tropics (30+ degrees) when I land and before I can get to a refrigerator and after investigation my very apologetic Copaxone nurse confirmed that the case is not insulated at all. I will now be purchasing my own cooling bag.

i travelled with mine back in the day when i was on copaxone.

didn’t know the bag wasn’t insulated so off i went to greece and i survived.

Yeah,my misses started on Copaxone a few months ago and we went to Spain a month later.

When she got the pack we assumed it was insulated but when i came to packing it i realised it wasn’t really that well insulated,so i just wrapped it up in some clothes to insulate it a bit more. Does everyone get the same kit? she had 3 pouches i think with mon to sunday on and then a little outer bag for those to go in.

Even thinking it was an insulated pouch we(well mainly me!)were a bit concerned about it but her Ms nurse seemed quite certain it was ok and just to get it in fridge when we got to our Casa.


Copaxone is allowed to be out the fridge for a month. I take a months supply out of the fridge and keep it at room temperature the whole time, then do the same for the next months supply. When I’ve been going abroad it’s never been for more than a month so I’ve never needed a cool bag.

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