2 hour flight - can I stick copaxone in hold luggage?

Hi all

Following on from other posts to do with flying with meds, I am heading to the South of France for 4 days and to avoid any hastle I would like to put my copaxone into the hold luggage. I would ensure it was all padded and stored well. Just wondered if any of you guys had done this for a short flight (2 hours ish) and if it arrived in one piece. I understand that if it was a long haul flight there may be issues but 2 hours?

Would welcome your throughts.

Hi. I always put an ice pack in with mine & take it out when I get to whereever. Never had any probs. Long as you put injections in purse (it comes with) & I always pack it in its other handbag it comes with. Enjoy yourself!!! Tracey xx


I’m not a DMD user, but, I’d never put any essential medicine in the hold, for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, it might be affected by freezing temperatures (I know you’re supposed to keep it cold, but not THAT cold).

Secondly, the chances of your hold luggage going astray are much higher than that of your hand luggage, which stays with you at all times. What happens if you get to the other end, and your hold luggage, with your Copaxone in it, doesn’t emerge from the carousel?

Not unheard of, is it?


Hi again! Sos I should have mentioned I take it as hand luggage!!! I was going off on a tangent on how to keep it cool!!! Sos again! Tracey xx

do not put it in the hold. It MUST go in your hand luggage its too cold in the hold and will freaze your DMDs rendering them usless.

I was told Aveonx MUST be taken on as hand luggage. I was given a cool bag with gel packs for this purpose. The hold of an airplane is too cold and would likely kill whatever is living within the drug dispensers.

I understand you’re talking about a different drug but I thought it would probably be relevant.


Safety is obviously the biggest consideration, but one more thing:

If I’m carrying something I know might prompt questions, I’d much rather it be in my hand luggage.

If I’ve got syringes (or whatever) I assume they’ll show up on the security scans. If I’m asked about them, I don’t want the hassle of having to unlock and unpack my main suitcase, and do show-and-tell. It’s much easier if I just have whatever it is in my hand-luggage, ready to be examined if necessary.


(No experience of travelling with needles, but HAVE travelled with big bottles of liquid morphine, for my father. Deffo in the hand luggage. Were much more than the standard liquid allowance, by the way - but not challenged at all. Evidently they’re quite used to people travelling with gallons of morphine. )

get a letter from the home delivery co which verifies you have to have the meds and keep them with you. In hold freezing temps will cause meds to degrade. I have flown from Gatwick with Copaxone and no probs. Letter arrived quickly and provided pharmacy proof the meds and the needles had to be carried with me.