travel insurance to Canada/North America?

Hi. My family is in Canada (Amber list, I’m double-pfizered) and I’m desperate to go visit them. I have a health insurance plan that covers my MS but as the FCDO “advises against all but essential travel to Canada based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks” that explicitly nullifies this insurance policy. I can find some covid coverage policies (most for European destinations) but can’t get anything that covers both visiting Canada & is ok with my preexisting condition.

Has anyone with MS had any luck finding travel coverage to visit North America (particularly Canada?) thanks.

Hi,my name is Aurora , I have stepdaughter & grandchildren in Toronto. Last year grandson was getting married niagara . They had to cancel due to COVID , I had insurance that +covered
me completely for my RRMS . They reimburse me. The wedding was transferred to same date this July but again was cancelled because of COVID Toronto is now on level 2 but no new dates yet. They are called Allclear Insurance