Travel insurance Q.

Guys, I am a bit confused… Do I have to declare anything on my travel insurance policy. I haven’t got a certain dx yet, still probable and seeing my neuro. I am going to Australia for at least 6months. I was in oz when I first showed MS symptoms, but had no cover. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ash :slight_smile: x

Not really sure but I think it is always best to be honest with insurance vompanies as they will use anything to make yhe policy void. Barney

Hi Ash, is there not a question when applying for insurance that asks if you are awaiting diagnosis for any medical conditions or hospital visits? Linda x

Thanks guys for your replies. I have just been dx this morning and I asked my neuro he said yes I have to declare it, but, just to play it down as very mild form of rrms. Hopefully premium doesn’t jump up too much now :frowning: Ash x

Hi Ash. I took out a policy with AllClear travel. They cover pre-existing conditions. If memory serves you are also in Ireland. This is a UK company but you can get a quote from them if you live in Ireland.

I found them reasonably priced for a single trip policy I took out with them.

I enquired from a few different insurers and none would cover me for my MS.
Hope that helps and sorry to hear about your diagnosis.