Top tips for teeth and feet for those with weak hand / arm

Hi First from my dentist after noticing my gums are starting to suffer from loss of strength and co ordination in my hand…an electric toothbrush. Much better. Second for hard skin on feet sufferers with the same problem in hand / arm…micro-pedi device…saw it on TV and looks much easier than traditional pumice. No hard scrubbing and rubbing, you just lightly run the rollers over the affected area. Ordered one from good old amazon. Xx


i concur re electric toothbrush! i had to get my teeth brushed for me last july-cant use a manual one now-electric one a godsend-can even use it with my non dominant had-right one no strength/co-ordination at all.

ellie x

Micro-pedi has just arrived and after just a few minutes, I can totally recommend it. Requires no effort or pressure. Really impressed. Xx

I’ve usedan electric toothbrush for a few years now, my dentist wanted to know why my brushing is a lot better, i just ment oo ned the electric toothbrush he told me to carry on using as its doing such a good job, the one I use is the one from asda one it has an alarm on it, it pulsates after 2 minutes.