Brushing Teeth

Hi all does any one have trouble with brushing there teeth its just started to make me reach and sometimes makes me sick l have tryed new brush and other toothpastes still does it. thanks Jan

Hi Jan

I go through little phases of this and then it calms down for a while. It took me a while to twig that it was MS-related. Sorry but I don’t have any tips for you. I’ll be interested to see what others can suggest.

Tracey x

I get this too - I never thought is was anything to do with my MS. I’d love to know what causes the problem.

I always use an electric toothbrush as it does a much better job and I have problems with my grip and joint pain.

I fnd that some toothpastes are worse than others.

If you google “brushing my teeth makes me gag” you’ll find quite a bit of information about helpful things to do. It’s quite common and can be due to an over sensitive gag response, but there are other causes.

I’ve experienced in the past but am OK at the moment.

Some tips I’ve read and that help me:

Breathe through your nose, use a small headed electric tooth brush, use very small amounts of toothepaste and do a small area of your mouth at a time, distract yourself while cleaning your teeth - watch TV or read a book.

All the best - J.

Hi Jan, I have awful trouble with this. I have to brush more than twice a day due to having to give up after a short time due to retching. I mentioned it to the Dentist but she didn’t really give advice on what to do, she just made a note of it. I use an electric toothbrush in hopes that it cleans better and faster than using a manual. My Nurse said that anything is possible with MS, I really wished I could find a solution, I hate it. I get retching quite a bit but find sucking on a polo helps loads but that is impossible when cleaning my teeth!? Sam xx

Many thank all it is of same comfort that l am not the only one it happens too. I am going to get a electric toothbrush when l can and am useing small bit of toothpaste. that is helping up to now. Regards Jan xx

Electric toothbrush can definitely help you to some extent. Get it and then try brushing again. Also try some ming toothpaste. Get more details on