Just wondering

hi not sure if this has anything to do with Ms or as my lovely friend pointed out getting older!!! But in the last year I have had two teeth fall apart on me this just happened to me tonight and I have to wait till Monday to see if I can get an appointment I hate teeth and if it falls out I will pass out! Never really had problems with my teeth before so not sure if the meds can make them weaker or the Ms or if it’s just my age like my friend says??

hi em

i don’t know how old you are but i grew up in the era when the drill 'em and fill 'em approach was used.

that meant that i have loads of fillings and of course they need patching up every now and then.

it got to the point where i had shells of tooth filled with amalgam.

thank you dentistry of the 1960’s!

so if you were a sixties babe it could well be your age.

it’s also possibly the ms meds.

good luck

carole x

ps let your friend have a bit back as she is probably the same age as you!

Em3a, I doubt MS affects your teeth, although possibly some drugs may weaken them. Unfortunately, some of us are just born with weaker teeth than others, but obviously not looking after them is inviting trouble.

I once had several molars needlessly removed before they realised I had Trigeminal Neuralgia, a symptom of MS, so I suppose I could, indirectly, blame MS for the loss of those, but it would be unfair. I hadn’t been diagnosed, or even suspected of having MS at the time. This was many years ago now, but my dentist recently told me that the situation can still arise as TN can be rather difficult to diagnose.

Keep brushing and flossing,


Thank you I’m 35 feeling 135 this week! so I didn’t think old enough to have issues with my teeth!! Lol it’s probably just coincidence that my dx was a year ago then two teeth break but like I said I hate teeth yuck

I have quite a few back teeth filled and over the last few years have had a number of them replaced, either because the fillings themselves are breaking up or because the teeth chip. I also suffer with what I think is excessive sensitivity on a couple of teeth that my Dentist can’t find a reason for. I always use sensitive toothpaste. I think it’s more than just sensitivity, it feels deeper than that.

I started using an electric toothbrush a number of years ago and I blame that, although I continue to use it

Jan x

I also use an electric toothbrush maybe I’ll switch to a Norma one! Than you :slight_smile:

It’s difficult isn’t it? The electric toothbrush keeps my teeth cleaner, I no longer need a scale and polish, which I routinely had previously (although I did smoke in those days) but if it is breaking up my already weak teeth due to fillings it defeats the purpose. A time might come when I’ll be soaking my teeth overnight and won’t have to worry about brushing

My dentist thinks I’m talking rubbish though so don’t change your routine because of anything I say

Jan x

Hi Em,

Some meds can cause dry mouth, which can in turn be a contributor to tooth decay (saliva is a natural antiseptic).

You may want to try an alcohol-free lubricating mouthwash for dry mouth - boots do a reasonable one, but I’m sure there are others.

I also have to admit that I think I’m getting a bit slacker about brushing my teeth - even with an electric toothbrush - because my arm gets tired holding it up there. So I’m not doing such a good job as perhaps I once did. :frowning:



I forgot to say, my dentist prescribes me a high fluoride toothpaste (Duraphat) which I alternate with my sensitive toothpaste. She does this as she is aware of the problems MS can cause regarding brushing.

Jan x


interesting re teeth!

i begged my dentist to remove 2 of my teeth-7/8 years ago because of the pain. it prob was tn but i have never been bothered since so i am happy with the result.

i currently have a new issue-i cant hold my toothbrush properly. have been using electric one for several years now which makes a good job superficially but i dont feel my teeth are cleaned properly. so i got a splint thing thing and now alternate between manual (using the splint) and elec brush. i am due at dentist next month so will find out whether my system is working or not!

i dont think ms affects teeth directly but mine are def in poorer condition because i cant brush/care for them properly.


Thank you all for replying I’m just gonna ask the dentist to remove the tooth cos it will probably only break again!! But I feel a bit gutted at loosing a tooth!!! Lol. My arms are still ok for brushing and don’t tire yet so goodness only knows what’s going on I just know I hat teeth and the though of it just falling out when I eat makes me shiver!

Hi Em3a

I grind my teeth in my sleep and have done for years. I now wear a gum shield at night but thd teeth are still wearing down! I’m not saying that this is caused by MS but I know that the more pain/stress I’m feeling the worse it is so it’s certainly agitated by it!

May be you’re clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep and that’s what’s causing the damage? It might be asking your dentist if this is a possibility.

Hi Em

Last year my dentist informed me I had peridontitis

I have always been a regular at the dentist and good with my oral hygiene. My dentist says my gums look perfectly healthy but yet I have started with gum disease.

People with compromised immune systems can have problems with their teeth I am afraid. Think about it? teeth are supported by bone. Chances of certain conditions/medications increases the chances of gum disease. People with diabetes tend to have dental problems. The list goes on…

I have to have regular checks with the hygienist now, which is costing me a fortune.