Sensitive Teeth

I’ve been diagnosed RRMS coming up for a year, so I’m still getting to grips with the disease and I’m very new to talking about symptoms. I’ve had long lasting sensitive teeth (for a few months) where normally I don’t suffer too much. Both sides of my mouth now, so chewing and eating is difficult. My dentist ‘patched’ a couple of teeth but it doesn’t seem to help and I’m getting like electric shocks through my teeth, like if you bite on silver foil with a filling by accident. I can’t tolerate cold food or water and have to use warm water when I brush my teeth. It was the same sort of electric shock feeling as I had going down my leg when I had my lumbar puncture. Has anyone else had this, I’m wondering if it could be my MS? I’m using sensitive toothpaste and mouth wash but it’s not helping much at all.

oh that’s not nice at all.

i have sensitive teeth myself but the sensitive toothpaste works for me.

Could you possibly be grinding your teeth in your sleep? I had terribly sore teeth years ago and I ended up getting a mouth guard made to wear at night. Problem solved! Might be worth asking your dentist about it x

It sounds like trigeminal neuralgia,thats quite common with MS.i get it one one side of my face, and its like you describe severe electric shock type pains that can come in your teeth and your jaw, its awful.

J x

I’ve been getting this recently and in fact I’m off to the dentist this afternoon to make sure it’s not anything worse. This is because I can’t really tell where the pain is coming from, whether it’s teeth, gum or sinus related as one side of my face hurts. So if it’s teeth, it can be fixed but if it’s anything else, it’s just one of those things and it’ll pass in its own good time.

Just a bit annoying when my beloved cup of tea is painful!

Hope you feel better soon.

iv had trouble with that too, it comes asnd goes. My dentist tells me there is nothing wrong with my teeth but because ms can affect anything thats to do with our nervous systems it may well be just the nerves in my teeth being effected by the ms. I had the same problem with my left ear, nothing ‘mechanically’ wrong with my ear

This can come and go but i would recommend sensitive toothpaste

Colgate Pro Relief works for me. Plus, I don’t clean my teeth with very cold water or crunch ice (sorry, I know that’s made a load of people wince!). My dentist says my teeth are in top condition, considering I was a child of the seventies who has a mouth full of amalgam fillings. But then my dentist is a sweet man who is always very kind to me.

A top tip is that when removing old amalgam fillings and replacing with non mercury containing ones, get your dentist to use a dental dam to catch all the old filling. Swallowing mercury is a big problem for people with MS. There was even a question a few years ago about whether we should swap our old mercury fillings because mercury is a big no-no for MS. I discussed this with my lovely Jamie (dentist) and decided that disturbing the mercury is worse than leaving it alone.


Thanks, I think I’ll go back and ask. I did have a problem clenching my teeth at night, when my fiancé passed away and I was stressed. I cracked a tooth, I wonder if I’m doing it again? Dentist thinks it’s gum recession. I can ask. Thank you

Sad to hear about your sensitivity. I had gone through this sensitivity problem but I had consulted to dentist Manhattan Beach at [removed by admin]. He prescribed a tooth paste that time and that really worked. Cost effective and permanent solution for my problem. You must visit a dentist soon.

I was diagnosed with TN before being diagnosed with MS one year ago. The TN subsided, but lately I have had terribly numb and sensitive front teeth. I keep wondering if it is the TN, MS or what. I know what you are going through. The TN was terrible and sounds just like what you are describing. So sorry!

Hi I take a very good Antidepressent which is excellent for nerves pain I don’t get it in my mouth but in my hands and occasionally legs. Have a word with your ms nurse and see if you can get it prescribed if your already on Ads see if they think it may be worth swapping. It may just help it Nortriptyline I take 100mg each night side effects slightly dry mouth I no longer feel any nerve pain at all.

good luck

Ann x