hypersensitivity to dental work

I know nobody likes going to the dentist but I’m really struggling with ongoing implant work. The initial procedure of putting the metal into my jaw had to be done under sedation and afterwards they told me they had to use 3 times the normal amount of sedation on me. Now I’m at the stage of fitting for the crowns but inside my gums seems to be super-sensitive. It’s not really pain, more of an electric shock which causes my whole body to twitch involuntarily. I feel as if the dentists (yes, more than one, it’s a dental hospital so several are involved) are getting fed up with me. I can’t relax because I know what’s coming, I jerk as a reflex, then they look annoyed because they can’t get on with the work, I feel so stressed I end up in tears. I think I’m going to have to have sedation again even though that’s pushing the costs up again. At the last session I was trying to explain that I’m not really being a complete baby, it really is an involuntary reflex reaction as it’s just an awful electric shock feeling, even after lots of local anaesthesia. I then asked if there could be any relationship to MS and they just laughed at me. But what would dentists know about MS anyway? I’m not greatly bothered by my MS ( a couple of attacks of optic neuritis) and all my symptoms always seem to be sensory rather than motor. In the past I have had episodes where I can feel a sort of electric tingling all over my body, so I didn’t actually think my question was that silly - after all, it’s all to do with nerves. Anyway, my question now is, has anybody else had a similar experience? Thanks x

Funny i have terrible trouble with electric shocks into my head and ears when I go to the dentist also… It’s really bad.even when the hygeinest is cleaning I get it. I never had that prob in the past only the last 2 years. Maybe it is an MS thing… I also need alot more local than the usual I’m told… I dead the dentist now!!

I have only ever seen hygienist luckily never needed any other work but the vibration of the tooth polisher etc is awful I come out shaking. They have to keep stopping and starting and have said they’ve never seen anyone so sensitive but they are very sympathetic and lovely about it. Axx

How strange I was just thinking of posting something similar. I have fortnightly visits to one of the London Hospital dental departments. Although I have no dx as yet I find I need 3-4 times the amount of LA and can still feel it. Even when the tutors have a go it hurts like hell. Have resorted to some Rescue Remedy just to get me through the door.

Also which has just started happening. When I use my electric toothbrush my arm still feels like it is vibrating a good five minutes after I have put the brush down. Anyone else experienced this? I can’t use the hairdryer either as it has a similar effect and also makes me feel very lightheaded - and no its not that my hair is fly away!

I get the vibrating arm with the vacuum cleaner again for a few minutes after I have stopped. Axx

I was at dental hospital this morning - dentist referred me cos do numbness/reduced sensitivity in mouth - anyway hospital satisfied that it was ms. Dentist was great - wish he was my regular dentist. He asked if I ever got electric shock type pain and went on to say that it wasn’t necessarily ms and that it is treatable with medication. Try talking to your dentist again they should be able to help somehow. G

Thank you to all for your comments - you’ve reassured me I’m not a complete freak on my own. I have to go again this morning so I’m psyching myself up for that!