Problems at the dentist?

Hi I don’t have a diagnosis of MS but I am awaiting an appointment with neurology after having many symptoms postpartum.

Yesterday I went to the dentist to have a filling and crown fitted. This was my third appointment at the dentist in two weeks. The last appointment during the drilling, I had a weird leg tingling and spasms. This time I have ended up with a swollen face and bruising around my cheek and jaw and after anaesthetic. I’m not sure if this could be a symptom to add to my list or just a mistake by the dentist.

Anyone ever had any problems with dental work related to MS ?

Hi funwithrules,

I have had a lot of dental issues over the past coupe of years - was diagnosed 5 years ago.

Sorry to hijack you thread

Have had similar issues to you nut had a root canal done 3 times and that included a vicious swelling on 2 occasions and a wonderful infection the third, then constant pain on touching the tooth and then had it removed. I now own a very expensive gap in my teeth.

the tooth below this cracked and now having had another root canal done this too sensitive to the touch and my dentist says there is no nerve left and nothing he can do as he wants to crown this, yet I don’t think I could stick the pain.

Are there such things as dentists who specialise in people with neurological conditon’s and how do you find them?


yes after any dental treatment my body has the shakes but it does slow/settle back to normal tremor. Worst was when a tooth was removed! Shock to the system-literally!

take care, ellie