Strange Experience at the Dentist of all places!

I have just been to the dentist to have a fitting for a crown,

She injected my face and said is your lip tingling yet, I said my lips always tingle. She said what do you mean.

I told her I have tingling in my left side of my face around my eye and my lips. I said it’s in my hand and feet also.

She said Mrs C you don’t have MS do you? It’s not on your paperwork.

I said no I don’t not diagnosed anyway.

She cancelled the appointment :confused: I have to go back next week with full list of medications.

I have fortnightly/monthly dental visits at a dental hospital and see the same dentist and they always ask every single time if there is any change in medical history and any change in medications. Everything is recorded in my notes. The last time I had a LA it took 4 doses to actually give any numbness in the required place as I too have some tingling in the face/lips. Think they are just being thorough to ensure they give you the best possible outcome as some medications react with others. They even recorded my vitamin tablets. Can’t say however that my normal dentist ever bothered to ask any health questions after the first registration form. Hope you get your new crown sorted next week.