Strange Experience at the Dentist of all places!

I have just been to the dentist to have a fitting for a crown,

She injected my face and said is your lip tingling yet, I said my lips always tingle. She said what do you mean.

I told her I have tingling in my left side of my face around my eye and my lips. I said it’s in my hand and feet also.

She said Mrs C you don’t have MS do you? It’s not on your paperwork.

I said no I don’t not diagnosed anyway.

She cancelled the appointment :confused: I have to go back next week with full list of medications.

I’m really sorry you had to cancel the appointment, but I suppose at least your dentist is being vigilant before treating you.

I have major balance problems, and feel very dizzy and disorientated when I lay back. My dentist has refused to touch me, even for a check-up, until I have a firm diagnosis! He could be waiting a long time! I did ask him if he could at least do a check-up with me sat up, but he said I would have to be inclined at least a little, and when he tried it I felt funny so he kind of stepped away from the chair and wouldn’t touch me!! I suppose he didn’t want me being taken ill in his surgery, but it is frustrating as I need a couple of tiny little fillings repaired and he just won’t do them!

Mrs C, at least your dentist is being cautious, but it is sooo frustrating, isn’t it?

Good luck next week…I hope you manage to get your treatment done and dusted!

Sounds like I was lucky then as I went to the dentist only a few days before being hospitalised and just didn’t mention the tingling oops! Admittedly I did think I had a trapped nerve though.

I get the dizzyness when I stand up,

I’m dreading going back I’m not a lover of dentists to be honest I wanted it over and done with.

I get the dizzyness when I stand up,

I’m dreading going back I’m not a lover of dentists to be honest I wanted it over and done with.

I was supposed to be going in to have a 2 wisdoms removed under general, as soon as I told them I was waiting for ms dx they said they couldn’t do anything until I had a definate dx. Now I have to go in as an overnight instead of a day case, at least they are being cautious :slight_smile: Although it is very frustrating

intrigued by the Dentists precautions,

Everything I suffered started from an injection given to me by a dentist back in 2006, I was told it was down to the adrenalin in the injection getting into my bloodstream. Its all been downhill since that appointment.

Maybe, something is flaging up??

I’ve just been to the dentist and thought to mention my neuro appointment and odd tingling sensation in my left cheek and lips. She asked if it was Trigeminal Neuralgia and I could only answer that I didn’t know as my GP has only suggested one diagnostic term to me (M.E.) I’m actually glad that the dentist mentioned TN because I’m wondering if that’s what this is. I’m grabbing at any plausible explanations, I know. Call it limboland syndrome…

Funny you should say that, Reiki, coz I’ve been wondering if I have that lately. I get excrutiating pains in the right side of my head, and lots of tingling/numbness in that side of my head and fact and tongue.

Do you get the pains as well?

Purpledot - I’m lucky that I’ve only had fleeting pains a couple of times, so I was certain it wasn’t my teeth. The buzzy sensation has subsided but not entirely, so my left cheek just feels a bit different than my right and I occasionally get buzzy lips. The tip of my tongue feels a little odd, too, not quite numb but like it has reduced sensation. I wonder what the neuro will say?