MS & Dental Work

Hi - wondering if anyone can advise. Newly diagnosed (one episode only so far but neuro states 'likely to develop MS) not seeing neuro again for 6 months and forgot to ask about getting dental work done. Think I’m coming out of an episode but having regular flare ups. Went to a local support group and was warned me off dental work by one person. She stated it triggered an episode. In agony with a cavity plus other dental issues & wondering how other people have fared with dental work and ms? Also - I have recently moved to the Midlands from London and need to find a dentist. I will ask any prospective dental surgery if they have any experience of treating ms patients. Wondered if anyone has any tips or advice as to questions to ask plus general advice on getting treatment/issues with flare ups after treatment. One final thing - can anyone recommend a private neuro in Birmingham/Black Country? Thanks x

Can’t help with private Neuro… but I’ll pm u the name of a fantastic nhs one at Birmingham QE hospital… and I know a good few people will back me up on his greatness lol…

As for dental work… I recently had a deep filling and have been having some face pain since… but not major major pain, and I’ve had no problems before with root canals and all sorts.

I think it’s more likely the experience you were told about was coincidence, rather than cause and effect. Flare-ups can happen any time, without warning, so can she KNOW this or that particular thing caused it?

One word of caution though: a lot of people with MS end up having unnecessary dental work, because a type of nerve pain called trigeminal neuralgia, that is fairly common in MS, is often mistaken for a dental problem. If you are contemplating dental work, please double-check with the dentist that there IS definitely something wrong with the tooth. Don’t agree to work, just in the hope of fixing unexplained pain, because it might be a problem from your MS, and not from your teeth at all (although it feels like it).


Dental work can and does cause problems with some people with MS, i have to have adrenaline free injections,because everytime i had the normal adrenaline injenction i would be very ill within 30 mins of having it,i didnt connect the 2 until someone told me that they had ms, and the same problems, so i have since had the adrenaline free, only once when i had to have some emergancy treatmentat a different dentist,and he gave me the adrenaline injection, and boy did i know about,i was ill for weeks,so for some of us we can have real problems with the dentist.

I know who Mrsp83 will pm you with and back up her recommendation. Unless you have private health insurance I would say you will be fine under the NHS.


i’ve had a phobia for years about the dentist. probably stemming from being a child in the 1960s when the “drill 'em & fill 'em” way was the norm.

however after my diagnosis i went to my dentist and told him about my condition and also about my phobia, he was brilliant and i no longer have that phobia.

just tell your dentist about your fears and hopefully he will be able to reassure you.

good luck


Thanks all - much appreciated. I have an appointment this Friday morning at a newish dental practice. As luck would have it, the Receptionist understood MS and even offered that the Dentist would be happy to see me downstairs if stairs were an issue for me. I was assured that they have a t least 1 MS patient so - pretty hopeful :slight_smile: Mrsp83 thanks again for the neuro info & thanks for seconding the recommendation Pip - will be calling tomorrow. Jaki - thanks for the caution - thisis something that I will definitely bring up with the dentist on Friday. Tina, have booked an initial consultation and will want them to really highlight if there are legitimate issues - I know I have a cavity but am mindful that I had been getting really bad face and jaw pain in the past pre cavity. Carole - will be sure to inform the dentist as I really do have a phobia due to a near death dental experience 15 years ago (I kid you not). Thanks again all. X