Bad Teeth Issues - Is it a symptom of MS?

I grew up with horrible dental issues as a child and wondered if it was to do with later being diagnosed with MS. My baby teeth grew in all rotten and I had to undergo several fillings and 2 root canals before age 12. Could totally just be a lousy coincidence but has anyone else has anything similar?

i was born in 1958 and ditto with the teeth issues.

dentists in those days had a drill 'em and fill 'em policy.

of course as my head grew my fillings needed renewing, which meant more drilling.

now i’m left with a thin shell which my amalgam fillings are visible through.

when i took my son for his first dentist visit, the dentist said that he had cavities and my heart sank.

however he said that fillings were not necessary as they would heal if left alone.

times have moved on although too late for us oldies.