Dental problems

Hi fellow Msers,this is my 1st post on this forum,
My name is Amanda,Mandy for short,I’ve had M.S for 24 years, I was relapse,remission but recently I’ve moved on to secondary progressive which I’m getting used to.
My main concern with having M.S is how it’s effected my teeth,before having M.S I had lovely healthy teeth now I’m down to 2 of my own now at the top,has anyone else got problems with their teeth?

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Ive put mine down to the medication, especially the pain meds, but yes before everything started dentist’s hated me

Hi, yes I have problems with my teeth, I only have a few of my own. Embarrassed to see the dentist. I also have painful gums, do you?

When I was first diagnosed, I noticed some changes in my dental health too. It’s tough when something we took for granted, like our teeth, suddenly becomes an issue.