Hello All

I’ve not posted a question on PPMS forum before, normally chat on everyday living. I was diagnosed with PPMS last august

I go to the dentist regular and look after my teeth…dentist always tells me my oral hygiene is good. The dentist has told me I have peridonitis ( bone decay in jaw ) and will need ongoing treatment in order to keep my teeth. I have always had a phobia and nightmares about losing my teeth, so this has upset me

My dentist accepts that having a compromised immune system is a probable factor.

Besides MS, I have psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthitis…also post menopausal ( I’m 58 ) so all these things will have a negative affect on the immune system…I should think!

Do any of you have similar problems with your teeth.? I have asked this question on everyday living but thought there maybe some of you that don’t go on there.

I would be grateful for any feedback

Noreen x

Nope not me, like yourself I have always gone to the dentist. Sorry you have this on top of everything else


Thank you for your reply Don. I hope you are well and still putting stories on your blog

Noreen x

Hi Blossom, I always have inflamed gums and apparently that’s down to MS. When I first had the problem, few years ago, a dentist told me that there had been an article in a dentist magazine saying that MS affected both teeth and gums… yep it’s an immune system thing.

Sorry you are going to have to have treatment to keep your teeth. Hope it goes ok and isn’t painful or anything.

Nice to see you posting on here Blossom,

Pat xx

Thank you for replying Pat. Interesting what you say about the dentist article, I’ve been reading up a bit on the subject.

I have already had one lot of the treatment…I don’t like it. I like the thought of losing my teeth even less though It’s going to cost me about £200 a year!

All these hidden problems we have, that other people can’t see. I usually take it as a compliment, when people tell me how well I look. It’s wearing a bit thin at the moment, which is definitely not like me but decided it’s getting on my nerves at the moment. A girl can’t be nice all the time


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