Hi Guys

I went to the dentist a few months ago for my routine check-up. Turns out I have peridondtitis , so started on treatment…which I don’t like Been back today, hoping for good news but told I have to continue the treatment every few months until I pop my clogs, or lose my teeth

Dentist said my oral hygiene is excellent and my teeth look good. She did say that having a compromised immune system could be the cause.

I am 58, postmenopausal, MS, Psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis of left hip/knee and a bucket load of pills…reckon all that will compromise me…don’t you?

Do any of you peeps have problems with your teeth…it’s one of my recurring nightmares

Noreen x

Hi Noreen

Do you use an electric toothbrush? I don’t suppose this will help in your situation, but when I had receding/inflammed gums, my hygenist recommended I use an electric toothbrush and I haven’t looked back since then. It slowed the receding and completely stopped any bleeding/redness.

I’d never go back to an ordinary toothbrush now.

Emma x

Hello Emma

I have edited out receding gums and inflammation…which is a side effect but adds confusion. Peridontiis is where the bone in the jaw can decay and small spaces can open up between the gum and teeth. Teeth become loose and may eventually fall out

This is something that’s happened since my MS diagnosis. I’ve always been a regular visitor to my dentist and looked after my teeth well, which is why I’m wanting to know if other people have peridontitis or problems with their teeth in spite of good oral care…which can in general be caused by poor oral hygiene.

I agree though, oral hgiene is important

Thank you

Noreen x

Edit- I have been on vitd for a few months now and my levels are starting to rise. How long have my levels been low and does this have something to do with it ??

Hi Blossom

Just noticed you suffer from psoriasis.


Over 50 yrs and must have tried every smelly, greasy and obnoxious treatment.

Found over the years that I’m better of just leaving it to it’s own devices.

One thing that will shift it is when I’m on steroids, clear as a bell.


Hello Ronin My skin is good at the moment…touch wood. When my scalp is bad it’s rotten :frowning: it’s the psoriatic arthritis part that tees me off! Edit-Ooops! Sorry about naughty word…forgot myself

Hi Noreen, I don’t have peridontitis but did notice that since having MS symptoms I have problems with my gum and also my teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold. Never had these before.

Wishing you all the best, xx

Thank you :slight_smile: My husband has just said where as all that positivity gone and battling on…I can’t tell you how blue the air is here at the moment!

One of my friends who has had MS for years has problems with her teeth - she now wears dentures. I don’t know the full story but she did say the MS and the problems with her teeth were connected.

I switched over to an electric toothbrush last year and I do feel that it helps me do a better job of brushing my teeth but I admit to being naughty and not having seen a dentist for years. I know I ought to but part of me is reluctant to go when I’m not having problems - it feels like I’m inviting someone to find something that needs fixing!

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Please don’t mention false teeth, I’m such a baby I won’t sleep tonight.

Edit- I wasn’t having any problems until my diagnosis of ms. Think about having a check up…prevention is best

My dentist says my teeth are clean and my oral hygiene is good but despite that I have receding gums and some of my teeth are becoming loose. She recommended I use an interdental toothbrush and an antibacterial mouthwash. I also worry that I’m going to start losing teeth in the next few years. They are very sensitive now and I’ve tried every sensitive toothpaste there is but none of them make a difference. I’m not even 50 until next year :-(. Its only during the last couple of years that they’ve got worse. I’ve been diagnosed for 5 years and I’m sure all the meds have made a difference as many of them leave me with a dry mouth. My dentist says that could be a contributory factor. To be honest I’d rather have false teeth, I’m sure they’d be less trouble than hyper sensitive ones.

Tracey x


Thank you Tracey

I’m fed up to be honest, you tell yourself to get on with life…which I have been doing. Then something else comes along and trips you up. If it’s not my health, it’s my husbands! I’m just peed off in general.

I think I will give the positive Noreen a couple of days off and wallow in self pity…because I can

I prescribe lots of wine and whatever is your favourite treat. (Just remember to clean your teeth afterwards lol). Sometimes a little wallowing is a good thing. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little low I put on a chick flick and have a few tears. It’s not good to bottle things up and try to be strong all the time.

Tracey x

I agree with Tracey, indulge in a wallow with your favourite treat for a little while and you’ll probably feel better for it.


I am only 28 and despite very careful care of my teeth, I have so many problems with them. Primarily my teeth seem to be weak which means increased fillings etc.

Vitamin D is important for healthy, strong teeth and bones. Perhaps the link between MS and tendency for Vit D deficiency could have something to do with it? That’s what I’ve been wondering anyway.

((Hugs)) to you. I know how miserable it can be when you have dental issues.

PG xxx

Hello PG

I’m sorry hear you are having problems with your teeth at 28

My vitamin D levels were very low-I’m on supplements now. Low vitamin D could have something to do with our dental problems. One of it’s functions is to help regulate the amount of calcium in the body. I have no idea how long my levels have been low, never been checked before.

Noreen x

Have recently discovered that normal (non MS) people need 400 whatevers of Viamin D, us lot need 4,000. Had a Vit D blood test resulting in very low Vit D. My G.P. said - look at the colour of you, you’ve been getting enough sunshine, no I won’t give you any supplements. MS Nurse & Nuero got in touch to refer him to report showing us MS bods need 10 times more. So now added Vitamin D chewies to me every increasing cupboard.

Last two dental appt. showed severe gum shrinkage, also problems of last few months have left me grinding my teeth in my sleep, open ulcers on both sides of my tongue, and chewed, ulcered inner cheeks. Now have a special gum shield to wear at night, (so attractive)

When does all of this ever end. Almost every week a new hurdle pops up for us to jump.

Chin up my lovelies, we will get there - Mary