Hi all, Haven’t been on here for a while… Life got worse, then a lot worse, oh and then just a wee bit more complicated!! Anyway… I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on tooth care? Managed to get rid of the last bout of mouth ulcers which got me thinking about a new tooth brush… And was wondering about going electric!! Any ideas??? Without spending hundreds of pounds?! Cheers Jo x

Hi Jo

I use an electric toothbrush - so much easier - oral B ones aren’t to expensive and you can often get them on special offer from chemists or supermakets. (they are half price at the supermarket where ‘every little helps’. under £20.offer ends on 25th but also half price at the chemist like shoes)

The replacemement heads are about £5 each but last far longer than a toothbrush and you can often get them on special offer too.

Jen x


I agree with Jen.

Gonna try and keep up with her! Replacement heads for the aforesaid toothbrush are available in packs of 12 at very reasonable cost at the online ‘river’ LOL

I didnt have the co-ordination and strength to use an ordinary tootbrush and went electric several years ago

Ellie x


I have used and electric (rechargable) toothbrush for a few years now. So much easier…I wouldn’t go back to ‘manual’ too much like hard work!


I have been using a battery operated one since my dentist advised me that I could probably do with one, my hand had become weak. Last visit to the dentist I told her I was having problems using floss. She gave me a prescription for a special toothpaste that has extra floride in it. It’s called Duraphat and is by Colgate.

Hope that helps.


My dentist recommended an electric toothbrush long before my MS - better clean according to him. Have been using Oral B & quite happy! Actually have 2; one upstairs & 1 downstairs to save travelling back up! Charge usually lasts a week for me.

We’ve been using an electric, rechargable toothbrush for years. My dentist said is does a much much better job than you can do with a manual one.

It’s also useful because I don’t have to make my joints hurt brushing in all the places I need to.

Thanks!!! However my only slight worry is the vibration!!! Any vibration makes my hands go off on a mad one… Do you feel it much when using?? Btw… Only know this as had to put a shelf up, and the drill made me vibrat for about 15 minutes after!!! Jo x