Today i had to go for the dreaded 6month check up,got no problems with my teeth thankfully.

I saw a very young just qualifed dentist she was very nice and chatted about oral hygene, the recomendation now is that you no longer use mouthwash at the same time as brushing but 2 hrs later, and not to rince the tooothpase off your teeth as you are washing away the floride.

So now we are to walk around with toothpaste all round our teeth,cant be a very pretty look.

What do others think, i will carry on the way i have always done,its always worked before.


So now we have to look like we are frothing at the mouth so flouride stays in and around the teeth. Ive heard that one before however I dont fancy smiling with white all over the inside of my mouth.

What next loo roll stuck to our



Thats about right Brenda, seems nothing can stay the same but this is one piece of advice i wont be taking.