toothbrush question......


carer took me to dentist yesterday. he asked how i thought my teeth/mouth was doing. i said that even after brushing i dont feel my mouth is clean. he agreed that condition was not as good as before. i have been using electric toothbrush for over 2 years because of am weakness/co-ordination. when i tried my normal brush i bashed my lips/mouth cot its been affected too (strength and more so co-ordiation) i used adapt cutlery but wondered if there is a toothbrush with big chunky handle i could try? my dentist says they exist but doesnt know where! if i cant find them then he will try to source such a thing if i cant but i am just enquiring in case someone on here knows of something/company that could help. i will contact physio/ot on mon to see if they have any suggestions (am guessing ot will be better)

i have had a look an ama*on but havent seen anything suitable.


hi ellie

i just googled your problem and although couldnt find anything for the toothbrush, i did find an alternative for flossing,

WATERPIK but they are expensive.

good luck

carole x

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Hi ellie

Do you shop on ebay? try searching slip on toothbrush handle. They are made of a rubber type fabric, that slot over a normal toothbrush.


thanks both.

no re ebay…

found the foam stuff on ama*on. i wonder if that will slip eventually??? i know i will not be gentlest/ steadiest at this! though maybe worth a try…

will wait til i talk with ot/get other reples-thanks girls

Hi Els,been a while.The way to stop the foam slipping is for a person with decent hands to affix a couple of cable ties.(Trim the tails down with nail clippers) I made ‘Chunky cutlery’ out of things with nice handles from the £ shop, the relevant piece of cutlery,a gas ring and the remaining neuron in my bone-rich skull.I might have a photo of the whole set.

I’ve now got a ridiculously expensive titanium spork which fits well in the paw and is good for all shovelling.

Laters, S xx

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My Dentist gives me a prescription for Duraphat 5000 ppm Fluride Toothpaste. She said it will help protect my teeth from decay when/if I find brushing my teeth difficult. I also started using an electric toothbrush a couple of years ago, it keeps my teeth cleaner but I have had four fillings replaced over the last couple of years as well. My Dentist doesn’t agree but I blame the electric toothbrush for loosening the fillings.

Jan x


steve-got the pic-i didnt think re cable ties-will try- thanks x

jan-my dentist brill! hes the one that took 2 teeth out when i had tn! drastic but was right decision!

out of curiosity last night tried manual brush-was hard and hit face a few times but am hoping wider shank will help that. i did feel i got into the spaces better. will persevere!

ellie with dirty teeth but with clean teeth lol!

My OH uses a battery tooth brush from £1 shop, not rechargable uses AA battery but it does have a really chunky handle.

No replacement heads but at a pound a time he just chanf=ges the whole thing every 3 months.


will try that.

contacted ot yest but am not hopeful…we will see.


Ells,you know I’m a despicable wretch,so I’m picking up the loaded gun you’ve left …How do you miss a gob that big? The ‘vibrating’ electric tooth brush is an admirable idea,but make sure it only touches your teeth.

S xx

wb naughty but true…

ot sent some of the foam stuff-centre too wide and have bashed gums…and brush wobbles.

found something that looks like a scewdriver but without end bit! local care shop suggested it tho they didnt stock them. its on its way-hope its beneficial…