Adaptations for using hands/arms

I won’t bore you with my story but was just wondering if any of you wonderful people had come up with, or can come up with a way for me to be able to use things like a sweeping brush? I am mobile and have a large garden with block paving but I do love to potter outside with my three year old and plant and dig the bits of garden that are planted up. However, I have very little strength in my arms or hands and find holding a sweeping brush so painful and often my hands get locked round it. I was wondering if anyone was creative enough to work out how I could adapt one. i have a friend that loves a challenge and is a joiner so would do it for me if I can come up with how.

Also, which is the most efficient tin opener and is there anything that reliably helps take tops of jars? I have bought all sorts but am still not managing and most of the time I just have to do without.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day today and your bodies let you really enjoy the day.

Thanks again


Would making the brush handle into a T shape help? Perhaps with wider handles so you don’t have to grip so hard? I know you get electric tin openers, but I don’t really know much else about them - can’t think of anything for jars, but there’s bound to be something.

Good luck

Luisa x

What about pipe insulation around the broom handle? would that help by making it larger to grip? I have seen ones in the betterware catalogue with angled handles. May be worth a google search for handle ideas?

I can’t do turn jars, so for things I use a lot I tend to collect jars from Douwbe Edgberts coffee (these have stoppers and come in 2 sizes, and can be levered off using a spoon handle) and transfer things into these. they also dishwash really well and don’t break too easily.

Will see what other ideas I can think of

Isobel x

You can get electric jar openers as well as electric tin openers. Robert Dyas sell them both. Good luck.


One thing that could help - and Luisa and Isobel have already hinted at this - is to get something on the brush handle to take it up to about twice the diameter.

Imagine something like a tennis ball on the handle - you don’t have to curl your fingers round anywhere near as much to grip it. If your friend does wood turning, then something like a pear-shape (stalk upward) would work - the bulge fits into the hollow of the hand, and the strength you need to grip is reduced. The idea is to get the bulk of the gripping effort between the two middle fingers, and the base of the thumb.