Does such a thing exist?

I’m having real trouble squeezing bottles, is there such a aid as a bottle squeezer? If not any tips would be much appreciated, I hadn’t realised how many bottles/tubes I squeeze each day.

No idea, sorry. If you post on Everyday Living, there’s bound to be someone on there who knows of something to help.

Karen x

after my dx i was visited by an occupational therapist who walked with me through my home and asked me to point out which things i found difficult.

at the time i was having trouble opening cans, bottles and jars. she gave me a simple rubber device for opening jars and bottles which was brilliant.

i was having trouble cutting up vegetables and she said “don’t do it, you could cut yourself”. but i bought a food processor that cuts them for me.

so maybe your best bet would be to ask for a referral to OT

good luck

carole x

Hi, Carole`s given you the advice I was gonna give.

Hope summat works for you kid.

luv Pollx

I have used fire place tongs to to squee bottles. The important hing was that they were levered tongs with a hinge- not the folded springy kind.

squee should be squeeze

Hi Referral to an OT sounds like a good idea. Don’t hang about deciding though. I was referred in July and MS nurse chased it up in October but still waiting! If things improve you could always cancel but depending where you live there can be a bit of a wait!! Good luck. Mish x