Neuralgia and cleaning teeth/tooth problems

Can anyone help me with this? I have quite severe neuralgia in my face on a regular basis which makes it really difficult to clean my teeth, or for the dentist/hygienist to do so. I need to see the hygienist more frequently really but the pain can be unbearable, as the process can trigger an attack or a migraine, so now I am having bleeding gums too!

Hi Hunny,

Do you take Magnesium? I had neuralgia on the top of my head, heard that Magnesium was good for it. Started taking and it got rid of it. I take 500mcg Magnesium Citrate.

Hope that this helps. :slight_smile:

What about a mouth wash like Cordosyl. It’s not an alternative to teeth cleaning but it will help with bacteria. If your TN is so bad I would talk to your GP about a referral to a neuro-surgeon There are some surgical and some non invasive solutions for TN which might help you. I am assuming that you have already tried drug therapy with something like carbamazepine or gabapentin.


Hi, I take Lysine tablets which is amino acid,if I forget to take them my Neuralgia comes back and I take Magnesium for leg cramps.

My dentist advised me to use the ‘Tepe’ brushes - to clean between the teeth. Keeps the gums healthier. They do more good then brushing. l have been using three sizes. Last week when l went for a ‘clean and polish’, my dentist gave me a newer version of the Tepe brush – it is a graduated soft rubbery toothpick that fits all teeth. lt is a big improvement. Very comfy to use. She said that they are not in the shops yet - so do ask your dentist to get you some. Mine had sold out - they are so popular. But she had a sample one which she gave me. l shall pop back in a week and see if they have re-stocked. lmportant to keep gums clean and healthy.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will give magnesium a try and ask my dentist about the Tepe brushes. For some reason I can’t tolerate Corsodyl, it gives me palpitations! but I could try some of the other brands of mouthwash. Thanks again.