Do you take Magnesium? I have TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia


For the last 2 months I have been having awful pain in my cheek/jaw. I have been to the Dental Hospital and was told it was TMD (TMJ), all the symptoms seemed exactly how I had been feeling.

I went to see a consultant a week later and he said it was Trigeminal Neuralgia, I do not think I match many of the symptoms. I get a dull ache, I can touch the areas of the muscle that hurt me and my doctor believes it could be TMJ too. I am waiting on another MRI and another consultant.

I was originally given Carbamazepine but I had to come off them as they made me very ill and ended up getting a rash.

I have since been reading and read that Magnesium can help with TMJ as I believe it is that. I have been taking 800mg just before bed, since this my tiredness when I wake has been awful, I have been unable to wake before 9am in week’s.

Do you know if I should reduce the amount I am taking or split it in the morning and evening?

I suffer from bad fatigue anyway so I do not want to take it if it is going to make the mornings awful. I have had to miss work today as I was unable to wake before lunch and do anything productive.

I take the following each day so you can see what I am putting in my body!

Morning as soon as I wake up

  • 4.5ml LDN (Helped with walking and continued it)
  • Vitamin D (5,000 IU)
  • Tecfidera 240mg
  • Busy B with Vit C-500mg (Helps with Immune system, when I stop this I get thrush on my tongue)
  • Ferrous Fumarate 210mg (Help fatigue)
  • Provigil/Modafinil 200 (300mg if very tired or a busy day ahead)

An hour or so after all these pills

  • Calcium 500mg (Taking this as read need twice as much calcium when taking Magnesium)

Lunch/Early Afternoon

  • 500mg Calcium (If I remember, very bad for remembering this pill)


  • Tecfidera 240mg
  • Antatctic Krill

Before Bed

  • 800mg Magnesium Citrate

I know this is a lot to take, a lot is from research and been told to take as low on my bloods.

I just can’t comment on your vitamin/Medes regime as I am a numpty where things like that are concerned.

I do know a bit about Trigeminal neuralgia though because I’ve had it for 20 plus years. Much of that time has been fairly symptom free but I know I still have it because it grumbles away in the background if I’m late with my meds.

What I wanted to say was it took months before I was on the correct medication and the dosage has been adjusted many times since then. I had a heart attack 6 months ago and had to make a change because the carbamazepine interacted with one of the heart melds. It has taken most of 4 months to get the dosage of the new pills right. The point is there are other things that you can take if carbamazepine is not for you (did you try the slow release one because that has lower side effects) gabapentin is one and there are others. I think you have to be very pro active with your GP and insist on alternatives because pain will drag you down. My TGN is not like the text book description either but I have no doubt that’s what it is.


Hi, thanks for you reply. What symptoms do you have? How was it confirmed as one is saying TMJ and one is saying TN.