Being a true patriot I insist on recirculating Government money.Hence, I smoke and drink.'Cos my left hand is knackered with very poor sensitivity I use a small elastic band to affix a cancer stick between the first two fingers. This frees up the right hand to raise 'the Devils brew' to my lips.


Actually, I reckon that if WE ALL stopped buying cigarettes,petrol would be £3 a litre. The number one problem the NHS faces is obesity then diabetes. The cunning steel shutters they have around tobbaco products should be around Greggs and Sayers.


I mistakenly believed that the timing of the introduction of the steel shutters was to try and boost our manufactoring industry,but most of the shutters were imported,and we slid into the double D.


What would happen if we all stopped drinking? A sobering thought,


Cheers,   Wb

I agree with your thoughts and hope that the incident with the police eventually had a fair and equitable outcome.