Re-nationalise Gas & Electricity petition!

Hi guys, I don’t want to get into a political debate on this one… but if you believe that we were in a much better position when our gas and electricity was nationalised, this is the petition for you:

Pat x

Hi pat how are you mate its discusting how much gas electricity has gone up by just found out we are entitled to £149.00 from local concil towards winter bill and money from british gas also will need it struggling to pay bills now and its only going to get worse.Both hubby and me are in ill health hopefully they might sort out my lung problem what it is yet unsure.I dont smoke but found to have partially collapsed lungs at bases and pleural enffusion mid august 2 months on still have alot of lung pain and high levels of protein in blood.I had tb jab when at school many years ago dont think its tb.Keeps feeling like lung getting trapped under lower rib bit worrying its all we need i need to be healthy got to look after hubby and 2 little sods sorry mean kids lol xxx julie

Sadly, I fear it is far too late and would cost billions to correct the ideologically driven folly. Yet another one of Thatcher’s horribly misguided policies that we are still struggling to live with today.

Being an old leftie, I will still sign it though.

i signed it already.

as whammel says even a labour government will struggle to privatise the utilities that were stolen from the british taxpayers.

but its good to make your feelings known.

with a bit of luck they’ll be buried in a pile of petitions.

carole x

Agree Whammel, signed it just to show my opinion… but I’m sure it’s too late to go back. Such a bloody shame.

Pat x

Going slightly off track, I find it hugely ironic that while Tories relish selling off the family silver at home, they have no difficulty in appointing (and subsidising) state owned Chinese and French companies to build and operate nuclear power stations. Not exactly a vote of confidence in the private sector is it?

must admit i am a old lefty too lol julie