Andrew Mitchell

I know it’s political but I really wonder about the reasoning behind what politicians’ say.

There was Clegg last week saying ‘Sorry’ for repudiating his party’s pledge of not increasing University Tuition fees. Long overdue and means nothing now.

Then you have that plonker MP Mitchell calling a policeman ‘f***ing pleb.’ Now if he had immediately said ‘Sorry; I was having a bad day; just had an awful meeting’ I’m sure the matter would have soon been forgotten. But no the idiot denies saying what he obviously did.

This Country is going down the tubes and it will not get better until we go for growth and I think that lovely IDS has more in the pipeline for us.


I agree with you George, what is it with people, he definitely made things worse by blatantly lieing. (If it’s true of course). I used to vote Lib Dem and even stood for council years ago but have been disappointed with them after they went back on their promise. Of course they didn’t know they were going to get into power! It’s a whole differnt ball game when you are in control of the purse strings.

I think that it is unfortunate that people will believe that some of the social things (cutting tax for the lower paid) were given to them by the tories their PR dept. does not seem to be working thus far. Saying that, I’m still not sure if I will vote Lib Dem again.

Wendy x

I naively believe that if they allowed smoking again in SOME pubs,obviously with bomb proof disclaimers for the staff,and something simpler for the customers,it’d gently kick-start the economy,reduce ‘solo binge drinking’ create jobs,increase morale blah blah blah.

There are 8-10 million votes for whoever does this,


Well if Andrew Mitchell had a gripe he should have found another outlet to let rip. We all lose our tempers however Ive a feeling if I said the same as him I would have been arrested. Strange that, an MP can say and do what he wants, yet we lesser mortals have another law imposed upon us.

Im with WB - more pubs with smoking. Whatever happened to the freedom of the working man - eeerm, sorry, not much work out there is there, not much freedom either.

Think we shall all have to keep watching with amusement (only until we freeze next year) at how the other half live and survive to tell the tale.