IDS Resignation ?

Morning folks

Puzzled by IDS resignation, although quit pleased.

Is he saying the cuts were to much and we are not helping vungnerable people or has he gone because his cuts are causing concern in the tory party and he will have to make changes he do’snt agree with.

I am confused.


You were confused to post 4 times hun!

We are all with you though!


Ha! Looks like the forum software’s confused too! The resignation gave it hiccups!

I really don’t buy the idea that IDS has suddenly become a great champion of the disabled, particularly since he spent years pushing them into poverty. His resignation has damaged the pro EU Osborne, while making anti EU Boris favourite for the leadership, and that was his likely motive.

He was probably going to be sacked anyway after the EU referendum, so had nothing to loose.


I think it has a lot to do with the EU but Radio 4 were also reporting that he was pushed into these particular cuts by the Treasury and then blamed for them by the Treasury (when the horrified public reaction came).

IDS has never been much in favour of an equal society so it is quite a laugh to see him pointing out that the Tories are not following their stated policy of us all being in this together.

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Never been a fan of IDS (still not)

In my opinion, he did not resign over the budget cuts but being scape-goated by a scared tory party who eventually realised that as we are NOT all in this together, those of us being shafted by the budget were not going to roll over quietly. As IDS had already blotted his blue copy book by publicly disagreeing with the "great Cameroon"over EU, he would know that he was an obvious target for a publicity based sacking. Simplezzz

somewhat less charitable than many of you, i still believe him to be a malevolent sh*tehawk as he was jubilant when the cuts were introduced last year by osborne, with his ‘punching the air’ caught forever on film and therefore showing his true colours. he did not resign due to the government being too harsh on the disadvantaged as he obviously believed that claimants were lazy scum having championed this cuts. i think he was a coward to the end, and seeing a revolt from so many of his colleagues showed the policy to be untenable as was his position.

good riddance to him. a shame they can’t all bugger off- doesn’t matter what reason they want to give, just bugger off before they screw up the country even more…


Watch out for what’s coming next he will be no better than ids

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If I had both artistic skills and a good (and suitably satirical) imagination, I’d draw a picture of the malevolent sh*tehawk (a thankfully rare species) and present it to you, Ollie. Lovely phrase

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hehe thanks jelly. i’m pleased you like it.

btw, its quite distinctive, the malevolent shtehawk; with its pig’s nose, acid tongue, firey red eyes, and habit of spitting bile in large quantities at high speed. it isn’t very honourable or loyal, and has a habit of shtting all over weaker species.

often found in private clubs, brothels or the seychelles, and hoards its’ resources in switzerland.

hopefully becoming more extinct :0)

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Lovely description. I now have a full picture of the species in my head. Now all I need to do it get it out of there, it’s upsetting my digestion.


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Ha ha yes for some reason the mouse seemed to stick and I kept clicking.

Pity you can’t delete.


I reckon a malevolent sh*tehawk was the basis for the “Dementors” in the Harry Potter books and movies. IDS would fit right in.

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One of the best phrases I know is a Yorkshire one and so useful. It’s:

'appen as like!


Wonderful description! Wishing even more that I could draw (or more importantly, draw cartoons!) now. It would be a sight to behold!

Hopefully it gets out of your head though, Sue, don’t want it spoiling your tea!

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alreet youth

If you insist


Hmm….I am finding the continuing reinvention of the IDS story and his journey towards beatification as very suspicious. He is a published novelist, I hear, and he may have a strong hand in the way that this is unfolding.

I have listened to several eminent journalists over the weekend, including a discussion on Radio 4’s ‘Week in Westminster’ promoting the line that IDS was a decent chap, with a genuine concern for the disadvantaged, who was pushed too far by the Bullingdon Bullies, Cameron and Osborne.

Surely, we are told, we should focus on his achievements, such as the creation of the Centre for Social Justice in 2004 and the long term aims of the universal benefit reforms. The jury is out on the latter. We are even expected to believe that the air punching routine witnessed during the last Autumn statement was not in favour of the planned £12 billion cuts to benefits but to the introduction of the new Minimum Wage. How did we all get that wrong.

The other line we have to swallow is that this has nothing to do with the forthcoming EU referendum. Being an Outer, and having had a running battle with Osborne, and dubbed as incompetent by the latter, he rightly believed, at the time, that he would have been sacked after the post result cabinet reshuffle anyway. This was before further fallout from the budget on PIP, Academies and the Eastern powerhouse. The story of the Budget has a few more chapters to go, I feel.

Politics is entertaining at the moment. We have a troubled government, with a very slender majority, acting as if it had won a landslide. We have a Chancellor on the run and a Prime Minister who was so distracted by the ridiculous EU renegotiation, that he allowed his Chancellor to fashion yet another self-destructing Budget. It’s not as if he had form in this area, after all.

Pip, pip, chaps.


We are even expected to believe that the air punching routine witnessed during the last Autumn statement was not in favour of the planned £12 billion cuts to benefits but to the introduction of the new Minimum Wage. How did we all get that wrong.

People did get that wrong …he was air punching because of the introduction of a higher minimum wage…not a reduction in benefits.