fab nhs (not MS)

Afternoon all. well what do you think to this;

you may recall my hubby recently had a health scare following a chest x ray. He was told it showed some shadows caused by his heavy smoking habit of 50 years. Well it did the trick and he hasn`t had a ciggy for almost 5 weeks now! His resolve is still very strong and i am so proud of him.




today he went for a follow up appointment re his RA.medication etc.

He was told they had made a mistake with his x ray and he doesn`t have any damage at all! Now what if they made the mistake the other way around? Doesn`t bear thinking about, eh?

I asked if that made him want to start smoking again..........he said a very definite NO!!!

luv Pollx

That is wonderful news! You must be proud of his resolve not to smoke again.

Well done Mr Poll

Teresa xx

Mr Poll says ta!

luv Mrs Poll x

Well done Mr.Poll! That's good news on two fronts! Merry Christmas to you both!


Hi Poll,

It does make you wonder, doesn't it, whether there's been a mix-up, and some poor patient who does have damage hasn't been told?

It must have been a horrible fright for Hubby, but if it's achieved what will-power alone couldn't (giving up), perhaps it's a blessing in disguise? 

Dunno what the NHS was playing at, though.

Did you see the poor lady on the Newly Dx'ed forum, who apparently was Dx'ed 3 years ago with RRMS, but neither her neuro nor her (then) GP thought to tell her.  She has spent all this time believing she had ME, and wondering why she didn't get better.



Hi Poll, tell you husband that I'm still with him on this. No tobacco since Oct 1st and gave up the e-cig 5 weeks ago after the ambulance trip to hospital due to irregular heartbeat. Turned out to be side effect of Pregabalin (uncommon folks so please don't worry if you're on it)... however sometimes it takes a shock to do the trick...

So although it was awful that NHS made a mistake with your hubby's x-ray results maybe it was a sort of lucky mistake?

I'm so happy to be having my first tobacco free xmas in 44 years!

Pat x

Good news x 2, but FFS! re getting the xray wrong in the first place! Thank heavens they were wrong that way round at least.

Karen x

Hi Tina, ta for your reply and concern.

No, I didnt read about that poor woman you mentioned. Dont we have to put up with some rubbish?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat, cheers for your reply. I`ll pass your comments onto Mr Poll.

Congrats on your success with kicking the weed. Well done!

luv Pollx

Thanks Moira. Merry Crimbel to you too.

luv Pollx

Aha, the NHS Stop Smoking campaign has resorted to subterfuge! Well done to John for quitting the evil weed and congratulations on a better result than expected.


Now the only thing smoking at Christmas is going to be the pudding after he's taken a match to it. Not that anyone should touch a Christmas pudding - full of sat fats, and on top of all those healthy brussels and a little bit of turkey breast, tut tut.

Hoping you both thoroughly enjoy the Festive Season thumbsup


Lolli xx