phew! what a relief!

A very good afternoon to you all - my dear friends in MS cyber land!

Hubby got back from his hospital appointment much sooner than I expected.

His consultant is on her jollies, so he saw an RA nurse specialist.

She showed him his chest xray and it showed a healthy heart and no tumours. But there is some shadowing in the lower area of his lungs, which is caused by smoking. he said he filled up and had to fight back the tears!

He then told her he is doing well on a stop smoking course and is down to less than half his usual amount in just 7 days.

So he has to go back in a month to see if they want to try another drug…he doesnt! He says hell keep taking paracetomols for the pain!

Good news, innit? Yeh, great stuff!

much luv, Poll xx

Hi Poll

That’s brilliant news, so pleased for you both.


Thanks Pam

luv Poll xxxxxx

Thanks so much Marianne…that was my mum`s name…but it was spelt Marion

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

That is great news! The very best of luck to Hubby to quit the ciggies. I have never smoked but my sister did and I know how difficult she found it to give up. She said she found it useful to treat each day as a new beginning. The very best of luck!!


Hey Poll Really great news. I had a feeling it was going to be good! I’m so pleased for you both, now you can relax and get on with your lives. Best wishes Tree66 xx

Yay :slight_smile: so pleased! If he’s giving up because of this then something good has come out of this horrid experience. Suz xx

Hi, was thinking about you today, so came home , logged on to see if there was an update from you…so pleased for you both. Great news. Cheryl:)

Phew! Great news

Keep up the good work on the stop smoking campaign Mr Poll!

Karen x

That’s great news Poll. What a relief!

I have now stopped the e-cig as I’m feeling so ill right now I can’t handle anything… everything is sending me into huge fatigue meltdowns. I’m using NiQuitin mini’s and am determined this time not to go back on the fags. Haven’t had a fag since October 1st and stopped the e-cig on Sunday.

Tell your hubby that I’m going through it with him. I’m a 44 year smoker and really think it’s probably about time… te he…

Lots of love, Pat xxx

That’s gret news. Good luck to him with quitting ‘the habit’. all the best


Hi Poll,

Really pleased for you both.

Anne x

Really great news Poll, you must both be so relieved, at least you`ll be able to enjoy the run up to Christmas now.


Brilliant news Poll, u must be thrilled!!

Wishing you lots of love, Dawn. xxxxxxxx

Hi Poll

Lovely news for you both

Keep up the good work!

Been I while since i’ve been on Poll, hope you yourself are keeping well?

Linda xx

I am so happy to hear your news - you and him indoors must be so relieved.

((((Hugs)))) for you both


That’s great news, Poll.